8 Jul 2013

Antipodes Divine Face Oil Review.

I've been using this little gem from Antipodes for quite some time now, and have finally decided to review it. It takes a lot for me to write up a review, I don't post them all too often because it can take me such a long time to form an opinion.. do I actually love this enough to dedicate a whole post to it's existence?! I ask myself that a lot, plus, review after review can get a little stale, y'know!?

Luckily for you I have decided that today, a fine & swelteringly hot Monday in July is the time. The Antipodes Divine Face Oil is a beautiful golden oil made up of Avocado, Macadamia, Jojoba & Rosehip oils (plus more) to leave your skin hydrated, balanced and calm.

This was an absolute skin saviour when is was icy cold this winter, my skin became a dry, sore mess and using this daily, a few drops mixed in with my moisturiser day and night made such a difference to my skin. I am a total convert to facial oils now after discovering their wondrous properties and don't think I would be without them in my routine. 

The smell (to me) isn't unpleasant but it also isn't amazing, I think it just smells... oily (like olive oil perhaps) with a slight herbal twist. I've never found any facials oil to sink into my skin quickly, they can take an hour or two when applied neat before moisturiser. Mixed in with moisturiser however can speed up the process a little. This isn't a greasy, heavy oil, but I wouldn't call it light either (It baffles me how some brands describe their oils as light.. how can oil be light exactly?). It's definitely best for dry, dehydrated skin types as it is incredibly nourishing but oily/combo gals (like me) shouldn't be scared as it wont overwhelm your skin but help balance and provide needed moisture!

I admit I haven't been using this as much in the past month or so as I have been trying out other oils but I recently found a new use for it that has brought it to pride of place again in my stash (thankfully, as it needs using up before it goes off!). I have been making my own face masks recently and this little bottle has been coming in handy, but there'll be a post coming soon aaaaall about that! ;)

Have you tried anything from Antipodes? I'd love to try their brightening range!


  1. I like the look of this A LOT. I am so totally into oils, they really work for my skin.

  2. I'm loving facial oils at the moment because it's winter here. This one sounds great! I have oily/combo skin too and it's so nourishing applying an oil - I can't believe I used to be scared of them!


    1. Same! My mind was blown when I discovered oils can help my oily skin!!

  3. I've never tried anything from Antipodes, as I'd have to order it from a UK website, but the brand looks amazing! Great review!
    xo Lillian parisiantobe.com

  4. Great post.
    I want to try so many products from Antipodes because it seems that everyone is in love with them!
    Seaberry Face Oil has saved me in the cold winter months as well!


  5. I've been hearing so much about Antipodes recently. I really like facial oils, especially during the cooler months. Lovely review!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  6. Excited to hear about your homemade face masks! xxx

  7. I love Antipodes products. Their Aura Manuka Honey mask is my favourite! I haven't tried a facial oil before, the idea of putting oil on my face just scares me haha.


  8. I still haven't tried face oils, nor have I tried Antipodes. I so want to try both after reading this!

    Molly x
    Lyon Notes

  9. I've heard quite a bit about Antipodes products and I'm definitely interested in trying out their products, especially the Aura Manuka Honey Mask.
    I'm moving to a city with winters that are much colder than the winters where I've always lived so this might be something that's worth a try for me soon.

    Celina | The Celution

  10. Really want to try this but I have the Trilogy rosehip on the waaaay :D xx

  11. I recently bought the Juliet brightening cleanser and it is so nice. Smells so sweet and fruity sort of. It foams up a little but I wouldn't call it a foaming cleanser. It makes my skin so soft but I'm not sure about the brightening side of things. Haha. You should definately try it out!
    Would you say this is better than the nude oil? I've got a sample of it and am yet to make it work for me. Neat or mixed. Driving me crazy!!
    Any tips would be great :)
    Paris xx

  12. I love facial oils they're such a treat!

  13. i have this oil and i adore it! it is quite heavy but never leaves skin feeling horrible/greasy :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // bloglovin

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  14. This range has been on my list to try for a while, but I haven't quite gotten my head around the price point yet. I'm loving face oils at the moment! Quite keen to try some from Bodhi and Trilogy :)

    Twenty Something Beauty //
    Twitter //

  15. this looks great, i might have to give it a go!



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