26 Jul 2013

A Few Photos From The Other Day.

I was running away from a killer bee... okay?! (proof I go outside, but the outside doesn't like me)

I was recently sent the Nokia Lumia 920 to trial for a few weeks, to see how it fits in with my life/blogging etc when taking photographs. I was really excited to try out another phone for a change as I've had my iPhone 4 now for nearly 2 years now.
I decided to take it out with us a few days ago when we took Seth for a walk (the day of the storm which is why everything is so dull!), just to get a feel for it and see how the camera worked. The camera is 8mp so quite the improvement from my iPhone in terms of quality. 
The only bug I have is all the pictures were long & thin! I didn't realise you could change the aspect ratio until later, duh.
The phone is incredibly fast, responsive and easy to use, I love the feel of the touch screen, it feels so much nicer than the iphone & it doesn't seem to get grubby with finger prints AT ALL. Amazing.

In regards to the walk? It was humid, hot and my shoes were completely inappropriate, there was about 8 tonnes of grass in them by the end, also, dry grass is real spiky, who knew?! Seth had a good time though, by the time we turned back he had to keep sitting for a quick rests (success! this dog has TOO much energy!).

Left: Nokia Lumia 920, Right: iPhone 4

I decided to compare the phones' camera's for you so you could see the difference, the photo's are completely unedited. There's a huge difference in quality, but as you can see the colours are also SO different! I much prefer the photo taken with my iPhone simply for the colours, even though the picture quality itself isn't as crisp. The camera settings on the Nokia are adjustable, you can change white balance, iso and exposure manually, but I found the setting a little fiddley to bother using when trying to take quick pictures..
I was also super put off simply because Windows phones don't have instagram! Instagram is a bit of a life or death situation for a blogger these days (atleast it seems like that to me!) & I'd feel so lost without it. 
I'm not sure if i'd make the switch to Windows just yet, my iPhone has everything I need for now. Mikey was particularly taken to the xbox/microsoft features on the Lumia though & I have a feeling he'll be looking into one when he's due a new phone.. 

What phone do you currently have? my contract runs out soon but I'll probably wait for news on a new iPhone, apple nerd alert! ;)

*I was not paid to write this post, I was kindly sent the phone to trial for free and was not in anyway obligated to blog about my experience.


  1. Lovely photos, it is a shame about the colour balance and the lack of instagram though! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. Android does have instagram, I use it on my android phone everyday :) Lovely pics x


  3. Nokia Lumia 920 has Windows Mobile, not Android.

  4. The cows. THE COWS! They're so darn adorable just chillin' out on the field there.

    Celina | The Celution

  5. Where's that, it looks so pretty?

    The phone looks pretty good, but I don't think I could live without Instagram! xx


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