25 Jun 2013

Suti Skincare Trial Pack.

More than anything I love being able to test out new skincare, so it was pretty obvious upon my discovery of this adorable set from Suti that I'd click purchase before I even realised what I was doing, oops. The pack contains 4ml of each the Rejuvenate Facial Oil, Nourish Facial Oil, Cleansing Balm, Fabulous Foot Balm, Purity Balm and costs £6.50. 
4ml doesn't sound like much but it's plenty enough to see how they work for you with two or three uses from the pots and many many more from the oils. 4ml's of facial oil is a lot! I'm convinced there must be more in those cute dropper bottles as they're the same size as my 10ml NUDE ProGenius sample...

My favourite of the lot is the Rejuvenate oil, a blend of Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Argan and Tangerine peel oils, I noticed a difference after the first use, my skin looked brighter and quite a bit happier than it has in a while (thanks a lot hard southern water). I have quite a few dark scars and redness and have been relying on this with it's high content of rosehip oil to start to help heal and fade the marks. I really think it has made a difference to my skin in just a few weeks. 
The Nourish Face Oil is a blend of avocado, macadamia and apricot seed oils (to name just a few) and is so incredibly nourishing and soothing on the skin. I find my face can get quite itchy sometimes (?!) & have been using this to soothe my skin as it's so lovely. I have actually mixed these two together for a 'super' oil & they're kind of amazing.. A full size 30ml bottle costs £32, which I think is a-okay for a quality facial oil.

Onto the Cleansing balm now & this stuff is lovely, if you're a fan of cleansing balms you will love this. It's a lot thicker and heavier than the Emma Hardie balm and would be amazing for dry skin types. I thought it did leave a slight film of the skin, even after using a hot flannel but as I always double cleanse it wasn't much of an issue. This is £28 for a 50ml pot (which makes me weep), I can't ever see me being able to justify a full size unless I win the lottery at this point in time but it sure is dreamy and I'm sad my tiny pot is all gone. The Purity Balm is £23 for 50ml and is one of those handy balms that can be used anywhere and everywhere for all those pesky dry patches. I have used this as a night time moisturising treatment and it sorted out my dry nose a treat (and my dry lips too!) and left my skin feeling soothed and calm come morning.

The one thing I haven't actually used yet is the foot balm! I'm saving it for nearer my holiday in August when operation presentable feet takes place ;)

The Suti trial pack is £6.50 and available from the Suti website. 
Do you like trying out little skincare sample kits like me? They're great for exploring luxury brands you never normally would!


  1. Ooh this looks great!

    I love these little sample sets and I wish that more skincare companies would make them available - if there's one thing I dislike it's buying expensive skincare, not getting on with it and being stuck with the product and the regret :).

    Great post!
    Gillian x

  2. Ooo, I think I'm gonna get this, for £6.50 it's a bargain!

  3. Wow, such a great price for this. I love trying samples so this looks like a great thing to get! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. Iv been umming and ahhhing about grabbing one of these trial sets since you very first mentioned the brand a few weeks ago and now i think i shall. I have never dipped my feet (or face?!) into facial oils as of yet and i really want to try them as i have heard the benefits are good. This is a perfect price to just try something a little without a massive cost.

    Thanks for sharing xxxx

  5. I really like the idea of this, trial sizes are always so useful. Also, these products sound really lovely!

    Emma | World of dilEmma

  6. I love little skincare sample sets because they're just such a great way to try out all the products without spending way too much money.


  7. I absolutely adore Suti! I haven't tried their cleansing balm yet (I'm dying to get my mitts on it!) but both their facial oils are absolutely gorgeous!!

    Gem x

  8. so tempted to pick this little kit up, you enabler you xx


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