28 Jun 2013

Summer Ready Leg Prep.

With summer meant to now be in full swing it's time to bare my pasty ghost legs and turn them into something slightly more acceptable to the human eye. I'm not known for my love of summer, I like lots of layers, scarves and more importantly my skinny jeans. But it turns out jeans just don't feel great when the heat starts to get sticky... and on the four days of summer this year where my legs may just get to be on show, I'd prefer them to look good and not blind passers by. Dramatic?

I've been known to skip out on body lotion for months at a time but my all time favourite Bliss Blood Orange & White Pepper Body Butter has been making quite a few appearances lately to get me on the right path. The scent of this stuff is incredible, infact everything here is... if it's going on my body, it's gotta smell good! Those are the rules.
Next up a good scrub from Soap & Glory's Pulp Friction. This has most definitely replaced my love for their breakfast scrub simply because it comes in a tube, how fickle. Once a week I make sure I use this to leave skin soft and smooth, I love that it foams up too as it seems to stay around longer than an ordinary scrub. Never thought I'd mention razor blades on my blog but hey, I don't think hairy legs are that cool. I've used this Intuition one for years now, the huge bar of soap around the blade makes it fuss free. 
I recently caved and picked up the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Gradual Tanner after seeing it mentioned on quite a few blogs... I've only used it once so far as I'm huddled up under all my layers thanks to the abysmal rain, but I will report back if it changes my life!

And because I always want more... I've read quite a few good reviews about the Inhibitif Hair Free Serum lately and it seems like it may be the next big thing if it catches on. The only problem is that I would most definitely forget to us this twice a day everyday for the required amount of time. It's a lot cheaper than laser hair removal and professional waxing but you do also have to keep up with it or else all the hair will come right back! It may definately be worth a look at though if you're desperate and a laser is out of your budget!

Stepping it up from the Palmer's is the Elemental Herbology Sun Kiss, a moisturiser and gradual tanner that just sounds heavenly. If my budget would allow I would probably just bathe in Elemental Herbology products but alas... 
I'm yet to try any Balance Me products but hopefully soon! I've also always wanted to try the NUXE Huile Prodigieuse dry oil, pictured is the shimmer version, perfect for holidays and nights out. I love that it comes with a spray for ultra convenience, just spritz and go!

Are your legs prepared yet? I don't think mine are but hopefully writing this post will have helped me remember to up the antics and moisturise like never before!

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  1. I love The Breakfast Scrub so I'll have to try out the Pulp Friction scrub if you think it's better! x

  2. The Bliss butter sounds heavenly! I've had my eye on the Palmer's tanner for a little while (I love the body lotions!), so hopefully I get my hands on it soon enough! x

  3. Pulp Friction is the next scrub I'm going to try out.
    I'm currently using Flake Away but I find that it sort of leaves a film on my skin? I don't know how to really explain it but I think I'll be trying the other Soap and Glory scrubs when I'm done.


  4. Balance Me products are wonderful! You'd honestly love them! I haven't tried that exfoliating body polish though but I'm dying to, it sounds wonderful!!

    Gem x

  5. I really want to try the palmers tanning cream, everyone has said it is amazing! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  6. I also think it's really important to take care of our legs, above all in summer! I like to use Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen on them when I sunbathe so they look naturally gold! x

    Una hora menos en el paraíso

  7. The Palmers tanning lotion is so fail-safe. I'm as pale as anything and I trust it completely. I think it really pays to invest in a good quality razor too, the difference between brands is incredible x

  8. great review, your blog is just lovely, keep up the good work :)

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