30 Jun 2013

Month In Review

Let's just take a moment to admire these roses okay? I bought them from M&S the other week and they made me so so happy! They really were almost neon in colour & of course I had to take about 8 million photos of them every day as they bloomed. 

I used to do these 'Month in Review' type posts a while back and just forgot all about them! I like having a little summary of my month and sharing some blog love along the way too! 

So, for the first half of this month I was at home for a little impromptu visit & basically just spent my days picking up the cats when they least expected for a good squeeze and ruining my mum's diet by baking my cupcake brownies! I then came back up north so we could pack up our flat at uni ready to move into our new flat for next year, however the flat we're moving into isn't ready so it's left us a little disorganised and in limbo for now. 

Probably the best thing we've done this month is go and see Man of Steel. I've never really seen the point in Superman before & this is coming from someone who loves superhero/fantasy films! I think I enjoyed this one though because we got to know his backstory first... plus, y'know, Henry Cavill..........

I've been listening to the new Fall Out Boy album constantly for the past two weeks thanks to discovering the Bloom app! You can borrow songs and whole albums then swap them for something else, It's kind of amazing. I feel like I'm in high school all over again listening to them.

Links to love

*This post from Kara from I Just Might Explode (I love her blog a LOT) changed my life a little with the discovery of the Wunderlist app for my mac and phone, I've completely organised my life in list form and I love it.

*Jenny convinced me I needed the Mario Bedescue Buffering Lotion in this post and now it's on my list to buy asap. She also introduced me to a new blog, The Private Life Of A Girl... which I am a little in love with already, her photo's are so simple and beautiful, why can't mine be like that?

*Three more new blogs I discovered and followed this month; Let It Be Cosy, Amy Grace & Monadot

*There were two new posts from me over on Nouvelle Daily this month, a look at the No7 Paradise Love nail polish and a Four for the home post. Did you see them?!

How has your month been? :)



    Thank you for the mention - I've been reading yours and Jenny's blogs ever since I found them this week - absolutely fantastic x

  2. Those roses are so pretty!

  3. Your pets are the cutest! Also thanks for the mention Miss A! x

  4. Those roses are gorgeous!!

    Thanks for the mention, means a lot! And thanks for the blog suggestions, I'm loving them and have followed them.



  5. I've followed I Just Might Explode, it's a lovely blog x

  6. Love the roses and your doggy is so beautiful! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  7. i want both the roses and the cat, they're both so pretty!

  8. you cannot beat a beautiful bunch of roses! the colours are so lovely :) x

  9. I love these month in review posts. I'm not a flower person but those roses do look lovely! xx

    Celina | The Celution

  10. Those roses are so beautiful! I seriously love your edits on your photos! :D


  11. Those roses are gorgeous! Your dog is so cute too.

  12. Thanks so much for featuring my post and for your sweet compliment. I LOVE Wunderlist and I am so happy it's working for you!

  13. Oh those roses are beautiful <3
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten


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