9 Jun 2013

Lust List.

Operation bright is going to begin any day now... It's time to work on fading the horrible scars I can't seem to budge for months, I've had two on my cheek since new years, yes! 6 MONTHS, it's really starting to get me down now and I'm going to overhaul some of my skincare in attempt focus on the problem. 
I've been looking into lots of skincare that can help, there's quite a lot out there but I've been looking into natural brands mainly as I hate the idea of any unnatural stuff on my face. The Antipodes Apostle Skin-Brightening and Tone-Correcting Serum has been on my mind for quite some time now, but it's review on Nouvelle Daily had me sold and now I know I need it in my life immediately! Of course, I can't afford it any time soon soooo I'll just keep on dreaming!

Another skincare product in the form of the Jurlique Purely Bright Day Moisturiser could contribute to fading those scars. Jurlique is a natural Australian brand that I don't hear too much about in the blog world, but their moisturisers pop up now and again and this one looks lovely, with a fancy sounding 'superfruit' skin brightening complex. It's not that expensive either (well, not as expensive as the serum but lets move on..).
Continuing the quest for natural beauty comes the brand RMS, with this Living Luminizer, a beautiful non glittery highlighter which has the shortest ingredients list I've ever seen for a makeup product! The whole brands packaging is just dreamy too.

Onto a few other bits and bobs and I love the look of these retro stripe sunglasses from ASOS. Monochrome and stripes do make my heart flutter! This Ombre Cami also from ASOS would be perfect for my upcoming holiday this year (which seems like a million years away at the moment). I like it a little more in blue but the pink is on sale soooo ;)
Lastly a little something from Etsy, my ultimate guilty pleasure... This Rainbow Chalcedony Necklace  is delicate but still fun, I think it would go really well with the cami above if it came on a nice long chain. I'm not one for all these huge statement necklaces so something special and handmade like this is more for me. 

Are you lusting after any of these now?! ;) 


  1. The sunglasses are so nice, I need prescription lenses :( x

  2. I have Apostle and absolutely adore it. I reviewed it the other day. The changes it's made to my skin are phenomenal xo

  3. The cream and serum look great, I really want to try them! xx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  4. Lovely wishlist, I'm with you on the glasses, I love stripes recently! xx

    Leanne | Seeking Serendipity

  5. Always love these lists, my fav next to the empties and skincare posts :-)


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