16 Jun 2013

20 Facts About Me.

Do you remember months ago when everyone went through a phase of blogging/vlogging facts about themselves?! Well I thought I'd have my turn! Super late to the party, in fact so late everyone has gone home and I'm the sad panda left cleaning up... alas, read on for some interesting weird facts about me! 

  1. I really like sleeping, like a lot. I'm a night owl and definitely not a morning person.
  2. I love winter but hate being cold.
  3. I am terrified of wasps and flies. Literally terrified, I can't help it. Wasps are evil and flies are dirty little specs of death. I can just about stand bees though, they bring something good to the world.
  4. I'm a cat-a-holic. I love cats probably a little too much and I don't understand people who don't like them?!? They're sassy and purr-licious. (I like dogs too)
  5. I'm quite sarcastic.
  6. I'm a pretty average 5ft4.
  7. I will be 22 on the 20th of October (WHAT?!)
  8. I love italian and chinese food most of all.
  9. Writing 20 facts is really difficult, I'm quite boring.
  10. I don't like having my picture taken.
  11. I'm not good at 'fashion' and find clothes look odd because I'm such a skinny unsightly stick.
  12. I'm about to go into my third year at university studying Fine Art.
  13. I'm not sure what a degree in Fine Art is going to achieve but I'd like to work in magazines industry perhaps.
  14. My thumbs are double jointed.
  15. I'm northern but I have a little childish voice.
  16. I'm impatient and easily distracted.
  17. I love cooking.
  18. I am very clumsy, not just regular levels of klutz, we're talking off the scale ridiculousness. I also cannot stand still without wobbling.
  19. Back in highschool (all girls, the worst years of my life) I bleached & dyed a big chunk of my hair blue, then pink, then purple... then red. It was all very exciting and because I was a quiet little mouse I pretty much got away with it. SUCCESS. 
  20. This blog is probably the best thing I have ever done (besides getting a christmas card I designed in primary school printed & sold. But that's another story.) & I am ever so proud of it. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner!!


  1. Well, you don't sound boring to me at all! I loved learning more about you, Annabel.
    xo Lillian parisiantobe.com

  2. Oooh I love reading these things! Yours wasn't boring at all, in fact a lot of your facts remind me of myself...especially because I also love winter but hate being cold, it's so annoying!

    So glad I stumbled across your blog, it's been a great read, I like it LOTS. :)

    Sarah x

  3. Fine Arts sounds like a really interesting major and I think you would be great as a magazine publisher. c:

    xo.Janiecy.xo|A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    xo, Janiecy

  4. Lol, I loved reading this. I'm a cat person too!

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

  5. I love reading posts like these because I'm always curious to know more about people.


  6. FUN! Loved reading this Annabel : )

  7. Loved reading this facts about you : ) xx


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