27 May 2013

A Miniature Collective.

Small is better! Much like Barney Stinson's quote to live by "New is always better!", smaller beauty products are too! I can't resist a sample size anything & love a good travel kit! if my entire collection was miniature you wouldn't hear me complaining! (Except when my favourites ran out all the time.. so maybe you would ;)

I noticed that I've built up quite the collection of sample sizes recently, as well as picking up a few smaller than usual full size products that made me overjoyed at their tiny stature (those Mavala nail polishes are too cute!). 

I more often than not savour my little trial sizes because I know I cannot afford a full size, using them sparingly to prolong the high-end 'experience'. Recent additions to this cult include the ridiculously expensive NUDE ProGenius treatment oil, Clarins Gentle Exfoliator and the REN Smooth & Renew mask! I'd happily trade in my mini's for full sizes of those bad boys any day ;) 

They're also great way of discovering something you would never ever try in a million years. I have 3 different mini Lancome Hypnose mascara's, a brand I am never really drawn to but these mascaras are amazing! I know I would never buy their full size versions or spend that much on mascara when I don't wear it everyday and have really sensitive eyes, but I can enjoy them for now for a bit of fancy luxury compared to my usual Natural Collection offering ha!
I would have also never tried the Origins VitaZing moisturiser which I now love paired with a BB cream for a cheats way to light golden glow. I always thought it would be an orange mess on me but I was mistaken! Another one is Benefit's Porefessional, my first ever dip into the world of primers. I would have never thought to look at this at the Benefit counters but it's amazing for smoothing over imperfections. 

Do you have a daunting sample collection? This is probably half of what I have tucked away! Perhaps I'll start using some of these up instead of becoming a hoarder! oops ;)


  1. Beautiful items! I love lush :)!


  2. I really want the Pai exfoliator in full size, it's amazing! I don't have that many make up samlpes but I have a lot of perfume ones x

  3. I love buying smaller sized products so that if I don't like the product, it's not as high a cost x

  4. I love samples, wish I got more with my purchases ^^ I've discovered many amazing products through them : ) Nice miniature collection Annabel xx

  5. such a hoarder you! what you thinking of the nude oil, is it love? :) x

  6. I love minis too! I'm really tempted to try the NUDE oil. It sounds amazing, but yes, very pricey. I love your blog and the gorgeous pictures and overall aesthetic that it gives. Lovely work! Avoir!


  7. i adore this! such lovely snaps and so pretty. i love elemental herbology, they're a firm fave, but nude is great too. such a nice blog - and you're totally gorgeous! xx

  8. Love the photo, Mavala polishes are amazing! xx

  9. I'm a sample hoarder as well! On top of getting samples from drugstores and Sephora all the time, I also subscribe to those beauty boxes, so I am left with lots of products to try out. I discovered the NUDE oil through a sample and I simply LOVE it.

  10. I love mini versions of products, its such a great way of trying products without splashing out xx

    Zoe | Sweet Electric

  11. I love minis, it's such a great way to try out new products!

  12. I love samples - great way to find products you love x

  13. I also love my minis! I'd much rather buy a kit with a handful of mini products than buy 1 full sized product.


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