10 Apr 2013

Nails: Back to Blue.

Sometimes it's okay to mix and match metallic blue and glitter blue nail polish, because hey, life is short  and having them all the same would be blergh, boring.

I'm not often one for strange nail colours, my collection is mainly shades of blue, green and purple with the odd 'crazy' one thrown in for good measure. I think my hands look weird with yellow, red or gasp orange nail polish on, just me?! Remind me to blog about my collection eventually, there's some gems...

For this weeks look I used a little bargain 99p polish I got from H&M, I can't find them online but they're adorable, smell toxic and come in a lots of shades. This one was called 'Active Blue' ... very imaginative! The formula isn't all that bad either, 2 coats to almost opaque and lasts a few days before wear and tear kicks in.
The metallic blue shade is 'Mercury Miasma' from Topshop, again I can't find this online at the moment but I'm sure it's in store. I picked up this shade because I wanted something a little different but no glitter. I really like Topshop nail polish, they always last well on me and the brush is a good size, plus the colour range is amazing with new ones added regularly. I just want them aaaall!

What do you think of my blue combo for something a little different?


  1. Such pretty shades of blue! I've never tried H&M polishes before but I've heard they're really good :) xx


  2. Love the manicure, these shades of blue look great on you, I wish I could make such colours work for me but they look hideous on my nails : / xx

  3. Beautiful!



  4. Love this nail combination! So pretty :) x

  5. Very pretty combination, I'm addicted to blue nail polishes :)

  6. Very pretty :)

    I feel the same way about oranges, reds, and yellows - they make my hands look like someone elses hands x

  7. I dont own many metallic nail varnishes as Im not too keen on the look. I'd never thought of pairing them with glitters though. Such a great idea!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  8. I loved the blog, it is very beautiful. I'll always be here (:


  9. Oh wow! Your pictures are so fabulous. In love with this blue.


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