19 Apr 2013

Loving Lately #8

This week I've been trying out new things in an attempt to step out of my comfort zone... and I think it's all going okay, which is in itself shocking! My picks this week include some lesser loved bits getting all the attention, practice making perfect and a welcome addition to my stash...

I've been trying to introduce more colour on my lips and dug out the very much un-loved Revlon Just Bitten something-or-other stain in 'Honey', a shade at first I cursed myself for buying as it seemed much too dark and rather unflattering on me. This second time around however I am appreciating it a little more for the surprisingly lovely pink tint it adds to my lips. 

Another forgotten about sad little thing is the Real Techniques pointed foundation brush, I imagine many people when they buy the RT Core Collection wonder what they are going to do with such a tiny brush?! I know I did, but this week I've been applying my foundation with my hands *say whaaaaat* for even more changing it up and then using this little brush to apply a little more foundation exactly where I need it... currently my forever red chin and to cover up two lovely under the skin red bumps on my cheek. Beauty ain't always pretty ladiez.

Next is something NEW, a lovely gift from my mama (even though I said she could keep it because it's expensive!)... The Elemis Pro-Radiance cream cleanser. This reminds me very much of Liz Earle but better, yes better! I've never really liked Cleanse & Polish but this Elemis version is something else. It's lighter in texture, gentle on my skin and melts away makeup with ease. I also like that it's not very scented, to be honest I cant really smell anything. It's a bit strange using an anti-ageing cleanser but I'll go with it. 

Last but not least I've been practicing winged eyeliner lately because frankly I'm terrible at it. I wear glasses (if you didn't already know) and obviously my vision without them on when I'm trying to apply eyeliner is well.... shocking. Add the fact I have shaky hands and one funny shaped eye and we have a recipe for disaster. I just can't see what I'm doing well enough when I close one eye to get that flick looking anything like a flick at all. It's a hard life. I use the Collection felt tip liner as it's cheap, very black and doesn't smudge, perfect for little old blind me ;)


  1. I feel your pain with the eyeliner, haha, good luck!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  2. I just started using this cleanser, I'm really enjoying it so far!

  3. I have Honey too and felt the same as you about it, perhaps I'll have to try it again! I have the Collection felt liner and it's so great for doing the flick, so easy to use :-) x


  4. Lovely photo and favorites, I should pay more attention to my RT foundation brush, I couldn't really find a use for it, until now! So thanks Annabel xx

  5. I'll have to try out that foundation brush! I'll admit, I've had the contour collection for a few months and I have never once picked it up.

  6. I swear by the Collection eyeliner! And Honey looks like such a gorgeous colour :) x

  7. I love Honey, actually just wrote a rave review on it so schedule. Yay for matching tastes x

  8. I felt the same with the foundation brush, but I use it to apply concealer, and like you say, it gets into all the tricky areas too!


  9. I use that RT brush to apply concealer around my nose. It's definitely the underdog in the core collection! xxx


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  11. The collection eyeliner is one of my all time favourites, its amazing! xx


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