3 Apr 2013

It's The Little Things... #3

Like having chocolate and strawberries the unconventional way (I totally went and ate all the strawberries first, they were goooood)

Like making your favourite kitty your desktop background for happy cat feelings* every time you open your laptop.

Like getting a new bag because your ill and need cheering up (bonus points for zara dupes, should have got it in yellow though!)

Like capturing his "I'm older and wiser than you think I am" face.. psht yeah right.

Because he goes and looks like this 3 minutes later.

Like pretty easter tulips and hidden fluffy chicks (not all that chocolate or anything....)

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* Happy cat feelings are real, I checked.


  1. I love the chocolate cornflakes and strawberries idea! Totally going to make this! Also your photography is so beautiful!
    Fashion Ganache.

  2. Happy cat feelings are DEFINITELY real. And how gorgeous is your dog?! He's beautiful! (and that's coming from a cat person). So excited for proper strawberry season- they are the best! x

  3. Lovely, lovely post! And beautiful photographs xx

  4. Wow that H&M bag looks good - I love the look of the Zara bag but couldn't quite bring myself to spend that much on a non-leather bag! Think I might need to pop into H&M and have a look :-) Thanks for posting it!

  5. This post made me smile even though I was having a pretty crapy day, so thank you Annabel ^^ Cute cat, miss having one in my life : ) xx

  6. chocolate and strawberries hummm, miam !
    I love it !

  7. Awwww your animals are so cute :-)


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