31 Mar 2013

The Instagram Chronicles.

Trying on a new jacket / cereal / homemade shortbread milkshake (YUM) / a snoozing dog
Seth all up in my personal space / Too pretty to eat cookie / red lippie yikes! / fancy seth snap
Burger / Assistant / Addicted / Love me some Clarins
EGGS / Warms toes / Sacrificed eggs for cornflake cakes / my face again.

I'm so bad at putting these instagram posts together, I get it into my head that they take ages to put together when really it's about 5 minutes and we're done! It's been nearly 2 months since my last little 'insta-update' so I thought I'd bring a highlights version to the blog - not that I instagram all that much anyway but y'know! Mostly I'm just wondering where all my time has gone and why people are saying April is going to be just as cold as March?! When can we expect the sun exactly?????

Also, not sure if you've all heard but another way of reading blogs is biting the dust! This time it's Hellocotton, pretty sad news as it was my favourite way of discovering new reading material! If you're on of the 80+ people to follow my blog via Hellocotton, please consider Bloglovin', as that seems the only stable method at the moment! [follow me on Bloglovin]


  1. That biscuit is INCREDIBLE- I don't think I could have brought myself to eat it! And I still haven't got around to trying a crispello- mostly because I think if I start I'll never stop... xx

    1. Warning: Do not try crispellos, they definitely are addicting! I ate about 3 of those bags in as many days! xo

  2. How do you do these instagram posts? They are so pretty but I can't work out how to get them up on our blog :( xx

    1. I put mine together in photoshop! :)

  3. I love the coat you're wearing in the first instagram!


  4. Your doggys are so cute and that milkshake looks delicious :)


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