26 Mar 2013

Lust List #12

A large boots haul is in order with this lot, shame that's not gonna happen though! Need to be a savvy shopper and figure out how to make my boots points stretch and take advantage of their 3 for 2 asap ;)

Indeed Labs Pepta-Bright - I love love loooove my hydraluron and this sounds equally fab.. I have quite a few scars that need a nudge to help fade and my skin is blergh lately thanks to being pretty ill (I swear I have a purple tinge). Just wish it wasn't an eye watering £30!

Super Facialist Purifying Cleansing Wash - I'm becoming a little addicted to cleansers lately, there's so many I'd love to try, thankfully I'm not one of those people with 20+ on rotation (yet..) but this one by Una Brennan sounds a treat. SLS free and pretty natural on the ingredients front it seems right up my street. 

Pixi Correction Concentrate - Pixi has been catching my eye recently, I'd love to go to their London store and have a nosy at their skincare, but alas that's not going to happen anytime soon. The correction concentrate is a corrective peachy toned concealor (much like the bobbi brown corrector everyone raves about) but this is only £12. Lovely jubbly. 

Revlon Nearly Naked - I would already have this in my clutches if anywhere near me stocked lighter than 130 Shell, ridiculous! I think 120 Vanilla would be a much more suitable colour match for my pale ways and I'm a sucker for light coverage foundation. Want!

Marc Jacobs Sunshine Editions - These smell amazing, I've lost count the amount of times I've nipped into boots these past few weeks to quickly douse myself in one of them, they all small fab.. I *think* I may love daisy the most, but oh lola is gorgous and wins this award for prettiest bottle that ever was!

Whats on your lust list lately?!


  1. The Super Facialist Purifying Cleansing Wash is so nice. I've got it and I absolutely love it. It's nearly all gone and will I definitely be repurhcasing it

  2. really want to try the revlon foundation



  3. I'm so tempted by the Revlon foundation, I can't seem to find the lightest shade anywhere either though!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  4. You do like Mac Jacobs perfumes don't you!! I really want the Revlon foundation too, but I've managed to restrain myself pretty well so far! I'm not letting myself get any more foundation for a while because I just did a post on how many I've got, and I really need to start using them up!!
    Eleanor x


  5. I want all the Marc Jacobs sunshine editions too, so pretty!

  6. I need to try the Hydraluron still and I love Marc Jacobs perfumes:) x


  7. I'm keeping away from the new MJ fragrances as I'm fully stocked on perfume and I know I will want them. They just look so pretty....

  8. Nearly Naked is on my lust list too, I'm just not sure if it will be too light a coverage for me, but there's only one way to find out!

    I love the Marc Jacobs perfume bottles, they really brighten up a dressing table!


  9. Oooh are the MJ perfumes different to the normal fragrances?

  10. I have the Nearly Naked foundation (in the lightest shade) and love it! Need to get the Marc Jacobs Daisy. I don't have the original but keep spraying it in Boots and think I may give in and get it :) xx


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