13 Feb 2013

REN Clarifying Toning Lotion.

It's absolutely no secret that I love REN skincare, ever since I got my hands on a sample kit sometime last year I have been slowing building up my REN collection and trying out (and never not loving) all sorts from their extensive product collection.
REN skincare is laid out for you into categories depending on your skin type and concern. For instance, the Clarifying Toning Lotion is from their combination range and has a bright green label, which is the range I tend to gravitate towards and use the most products from, but I also have other skin concerns so use some products from the radiance and blemish ranges (orange and turquoise respectively).

I've been using this toner for around 4 months now, on and off when I feel my skin is looking dull or feeling congested. It's definitely something I reach for when things start becoming... unsettled. If you know what I mean. This is an exfoliating toner, meaning it contains glycolic acid along with lactic, citric and tartaric acid (all from fruit extracts) designed to pretty much melt away the dead skin cells left on top revealing skin that's fresh as a daisy underneath! The acids in this toner are at a much lower concentration compared to something like Liquid Gold or REN's Resurfacing Concentrate so it's safe to use everyday. I would say if your skin is highly sensitive this would be too harsh.

I don't use this everyday because I like to whip out the clarisonic a few times a week, and use a exfoliating mask every now and again and that's just too much when I've been using this night and day for seven days straight (believe me, I learnt the hard way... ouch). 3 or 4 times a week, usually at night followed by serums and moisturisers galore (I wish I had that many) and we're good to go. Brighter skin = better skin. It's not a product that you will notice wonders when you've woken up in the morning, but with continued use I feel my skin is smoother and a lot less congested that it used to be. Also with the help of the fruid acids it contributes to those nasty spot scars fading faster! Bonus!

Is this something you'd consider for your skin? Have you tried anything from REN? 


  1. this looks fab! i have recently really gotten into ren skincare and am loving the aha concentrate :D will definitely be trying this out :D

  2. Really want to try REN products!

    A little bit Unique


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  3. One another post you said you are prone to breakouts. Just wanna hint out that you might wanna be careful with product lines like ren, they use quiet a lot of irritating ingredients which can be quiet stressful for already broken out skin. Probably not the toner in paticular but in terms of creams and lotions. Just throwing it out there in case you ever noticed a bit stressed out skin you might wanna have a look at fragrances, dyes and maybe things such as menthol etc. in your products :-)

  4. My friend actually told me about this, as she loved it so much. Sounds good from you’ve said too. Might actually have to go try it now. Thanks. Big fan of your blog too by the way. Love your photographs, so dreamy xxx


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