27 Feb 2013

Nouvelle Daily!

Surely you guys have heard the buzz around Nouvelle Daily by now?! The new beauty/fashion/lifestyle website that's the brain child of the super lovely Kate from Gh0stparties (ringing any bells? she's only super mega blogger material, don't make me say her name again). Packed to the BRIM with articles on everything from how to get glowing skin, make cheese muffins and style a denim skirt. It's pure gold for us blogger types and I find myself eagerly anticipating the new posts each day! 

I'm also telling you about this to make you aware that there's the odd post from me floating about!! How. About. That! ;) I'm contributing the the beauty and lifestyle sections with all sorts of exciting posts, so keep an eye out! 
I'll probably keep you all updated with my posts in regular intervals when there's a couple to tell you all about, but in the mean time you can follow Nouvelle Daily on Bloglovin / Twitter / Facebook.

you can trust me on this one, my hair doesn't even know what 'au natural' is anymore ;)


  1. I'd never heard of this site, thanks for sharing! Heading over there now =)

  2. I found this site the other day and made the cheese muffins! I had no idea that it was run by Kate though, it's a great site! x



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