14 Feb 2013

Lust List #11

Another list of things I'd love but can't afford, ahh such is life! I'm loving darker clothing at the minute, I think it's because I looked into my wardrobe recently and noticed that I don't own any black tops at all. Now I'm seeing them everywhere and wanting them all! I blame the fact that monochrome is "in" for spring (I say "in" because I'm the least fashionable person you may have ever seen and knowing whats in obviously means I spend too much time on the internet).

My obsession this past week has been this gorgeous blazer from River Island. I don't know what possessed me to enter the shop, I never normally do, I think it was this calling to me. It might not look too special in picture form but in person it's beautiful and I want it! I own absolutely nothing like it but I think it would look great when it's warmer as a statement jacket.

Continuing along my fashionista theme, monochrome you say?! well hello pretty satchel, you'll fit right in. I love the black edging detail and the fact it's only £28 (from Topshop!). I've not seen it in person though but it seems a decent size. I want this really bad too.

A simple black oversized top from Topshop. I think Topshop do their 'basics' very well, I have quite a few I've collected over the years and they're all still intact and haven't lost their shape unlike every other top I've ever bought from Primark. Yes, paying £18 may make me weep at the time but give it 2 years and I'll finally admit it was a decent buy.

Now it appears to be monsoon season where I live "up narth" & I'd really like some shoes that don't leak or aren't made out of canvas. I had my favourite boots re-soled the other week and they still leak and make my toes soggy, nice :( The studded pair and the plain pair are both from New Look, though the prices are not as cheap and cheerful as usual for New Look shoes, boo!

Last but not least, is this lovely Oasis shrug cardigan (£25) It just looks cosy and casual, something nice to throw on when your stuck. I don't own too many cardigans, even though I love layering and adding a cardigan always makes me feel comfortable.

What's on your lust list this week? 


  1. I adore all of this, that mosaic print blazer is amazing! Like you I have no idea what I would pair it with but it's very lovely. Love the satchel too. xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  2. I love the blazer, it's stunning!

  3. I actually used to dislike satchels when they frst came on the scene, but i will admit im liking them more and more. Love this white one xx

  4. Love the studded boots :-)


  5. I love the studded boots :) x

  6. Love the boots and the satchel www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk

  7. I found some boots just like the plain black ones in Tesco.
    I think they were about £20


  8. hey i just clicked through and that river island blazer is reduced :) only a size 10 online tho...x


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