19 Jan 2013

Catch up!

New things / My pictures in Aesthetic mag! / Homemade soup / Skincare
Myles / Lyla holding my hand (sort of) / Pretty decorations still up / Seth being the cutest cutie pie
Moi / Douglas / My new love - a 50mm lens / Food attack
More food / New blog header / Playing Borderlands 2 / Facelessness

A couple of snapshots into life lately... well actually life from last year till now! Most of these were taken before the new year, snaps from christmas and time at home where we spent plenty of time with my fluffy best friends and indulging in foooood! 
I can't believe I hadn't done an instagram type post in SO long, then again that's probably a good thing as I think they can be a tad boring all the time! If you want to follow me on instagram, my username is FragmentedSplendour duh... ;)

I finally start back in uni on Monday, I've had far too long a holiday and really don't want to go back now! Luckily Monday is an easy day but still, it's never fun going back after holidays is it! Especially when you have to find out what grade you got last semester, hopefully nothing horrendous to ruin my day!

Hope you are all having a lovely relaxing weekend! 


  1. lovely pics :) good luck starting back at uni and finding out your grade! x

  2. Your cats are so cute :) I could really go for a dominoes x


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