14 Jan 2013

Betty Blues.

Another victim of the No7 vouchers, this time it was Betty Blues, and oh how pretty it is! A super deep dark navy with a subtle shimmer (I tried to capture it in the last photo for you, but it's better in person!). The sparkle doesn't show on your nail unless you really look intently, but I think it definitely helps this blue be less flat and boring on the nails. 
I wanted to add some actual glitter and couldn't decide between the 3 above, so obviously I just used them all! There's the Technic Carnival, Topshops' Ice Crush and NYX in Lights-Camera-Glitter. All super pretty and don't get enough love from me. I think they made my nails look like miniature constellations. I should name this look something starry, cosmic, galaxy.. something anyway.

I'd recommend you pick this up with the vouchers now on, it makes the polish only £3, a bargain! I'm addicted and may have to pick up a few more ;)

P.S. I got my boyfriend to take these pictures for me, bless him, not a clue how to use my camera and only about 2 in focus pictures out of the entire bunch!


  1. I have been pining for a navy nail varnish like this for so long! I've bought loads but none seem to be dark enough to be really navy. Yay for No7 and for you for telling me about it!

    ~Alex @ forrestmush.blogspot.com

  2. Pretty combination of polishes :)

  3. So pretty. I love glitter nail varnish, just not the pain and frustration it takes getting it off!x

  4. That is a perfect shade of Navy! I love the glitter too!

    xx Christal xx

  5. The blue is gorgeous - I love No 7 polishes, they're really lovely quality aren't they :) I love your use of multi glitters haha! Very starry night. The No 7 vouchers are an actual godsend - last time I picked up my moisturiser with the £5 off skincare voucher, and this time I thought I'd try the No 7 primer as my Smashbox has nearly ran out. Didn't even think to check out the nail polishes in my quick stint around Boots, but will definitely head back and have a look since I have another voucher now! I have to say also, that I always ask my boyfriend to take photos of my nails too, and ahh he is just the same! I guess men don't really know what exactly it is we're trying to capture when we want a photograph of our nails! x

    1. Yes I never can resist picking atleast one up when the vouchers are on! :)
      Haha I've been making him practice taking pictures with my camera now, because he is terrible at using manual focus haha!

  6. Very pretty combination, navy is one of my favourite colours especially for nail polish :-)

  7. Beautiful nail polishes and your pictures are gorgeous. I love your blog x

  8. Glittery nails are my favourite! I really like how you mixed them up, very cute!

    The Style Rawr!


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