20 Dec 2012

Quick Reviews .. #3 Nude Skincare

A super speedy review today of a little pack of NUDE samples I got not so long ago, I always try and sample skincare before buying, especially when it's expensive! You never know how your face is going to react, even if you're not usually sensitive to skincare.

Nude skincare seems to be popping up all over the place at the moment, and even though the two products I actually wanted to try weren't in the box I got a good idea of what to expect from the brand, whilst having fun trying out new products!

My favourite out of the bunch was the mask, it was lovely and gentle and left my skin smooth (I wouldn't however purchase the full size as it's a LOT out of my price range and I feel my REN's glycolactic mask is similar enough). My least favourite was the moisturiser, and it's purely because of the smell. Nude products are supposed to be unscented, but this had that strange unscented scent... if you know what I mean? (I know, I'm strange). I'm sure in a few years I'd love the 'age defence' properties to prevent those wrinkles, but for now I'll pass.

The eye cream and cleansing oil were a-okay actually, I'll admit using a cleansing oil for the first time was not enjoyable, the oily sensation was too much and I had to add water straight away to emulsify it, but after that it was fine! Not sure if I'm a cleansing oil kinda gal, oily balms sure, but there's a line okay?!

Have you tried anything from NUDE?
I would love to get my paws on their Purify cleansing wash and ProGenius treatment oil!

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  1. where did you get there samples from?

    i love that you have pai, nude, suit sample packs, always best to try expensive skin care before you buy :-)


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