27 Dec 2012

Holiday Travel Skincare Essentials.

It's the christmas & new year holidays right about now and I have packed myself up and ditched uni life for a wondrous 3 weeks! I won't be staying in one place though, so had to pack (relatively) light for the journeys from one family house to the next! I thought I'd show you the beauty bits I deemed absolutely essential for the trip!

I'm not a fan of travel size pots, decanting this and that as I often waste the precious bits'n'bobs inside, so I just thought, hell. Pack the lot. Well, almost!

As you can see, my trusty Emma Hardie Moringa balm is essential, worth it just for the heavenly smell every time you open it up. I did also pack up my REN gel cleanser for mornings, but it ran out two days in, typical. My go-to day moisturiser is the REN T-Zone balancing day fluid, it's perfect for my skin type and luckily nowhere near its demise yet! ;) I also packed 2 hydrating serums with me, Hydraluron and the last few drips of my Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-oxidant serum (It would appear i'm running out of everything right now!) 

For masks I chose two tiny samples, REN's F10 Smooth & Renew Mask to exfoliate and brighten dull winter skin and a clay mask because the overload of sugar will probably cause atleast a few skin troubles. I picked Omorovicza's deep cleansing mask, which was actually a half empty pot, so I squeezed some of my Aesop Parsley Seed clay mask (spelt posh - masque) in there to top it up... I'll call it a beauty experiment okay?

It wouldn't be right to not use my Origins night-a-mins at night, the scent has grown on me in the past few months and I look forward to slathering it all over my face, mmmm. For an extra boost I also packed the Botanics facial oil to mix with my night cream - which really helps any signs of dry skin in the winter. LAST but not least, another little REN sample, just incase... Active 7 Radiant Eye Gel. Puffiness be gone!

Did you over-pack your beauty essentials this christmas? I think I may have! ;)


  1. I used to have this makeup bag! Had to throw it out though as it got so, so dirty! Great post - You've made me want to put together a travel bag ha xo

  2. In normal day it is so perfect makeup tips.



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