11 Dec 2012

Goldwell 60 Second (Miracle!) Mask.

Goldwell DualSenses Colour 60 Second Treatment - Currently only £6.52

A quick little review for you today while I take a break from finishing all of my uni work for friday, ugh. I picked up this hair mask during the summer when I dyed my hair bright red (wild child!). I was looking for some haircare that would help keep the colour for as long as possible as I'm not a fan of washing my hair in cold water to help it stay that way, brrr! 

This is a mask you apply after shampooing just like conditioner, leave for 60 seconds then wash out, easy! The results are instant and I can feel my hair is silky smooth and more importantly tangle free after such a short amount of time. I normally use this every other wash & leave it on for a few minutes while going about my shower business, to make sure it's really had time to work it's magic on my ridiculously long thick hair.

Another reason I love this is because I do feel it has actually prolonged the colour in my hair and kept it in rather good condition, it's definitely not red anymore (my hot showers fixed that sharpish!) but it has kept the warm red tone and it can shine quite a lovely red/brown shade in the sun when it chooses to appear! 

I think the Goldwell hair care range is really good value for money (especially on beautybay where it's all on offer at the moment!). I've actually just come to the end of my tub this week and know it will be a repurchase asap! They do have a number of other masks in the DualSenses range and I might try out the Rich Repair one next.

Have you tried anything from Goldwell?


  1. this sounds lovely! i haven't got coloured at the moment but the rich repair mask sounds lovely! especially as i use a deep conditioner with every wash, stupid dry hair :( hope you get all your work done okay x

  2. such a good review, your blog is just lovely by the ways, keep up the good work, ill be visiting again very soon :)

    Andrea Antoniou

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  4. Oh wow, this sounds lovely!! I don't have colored hair myself but I may have to recommend this to my dye-obsessed friends :)


  5. I've never heard of Goldwell before but I'm definitely going to have a little look at some of their products now, this sounds amazing! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  6. i think i may hav to try this im such a sucker for hair conditioners!love trying new ones out!




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