7 Dec 2012

A Handmade Gift Guide!

There are gift guides everywhere at the moment, and one thing I've noticed (pointed out by the lovely Harriet Gray), is that they're guides for the highstreet and huge online shops! & we need to spread the handmade love a little more for Christmas guys! 
So I put on my festive hat (metaphorically unfortunately) and went searching! It actually wasn't much of a hard task as all of these beautiful shops are firm faves in my etsy favourites and all (bar one) are english shops so you will get them on time for Christmas, yay!

#1 Sandra Dieckmann - Huntress A3 print - £19 - I think art can make a lovely gift, especially if you know the persons 'taste'. Obviously it's not for everyone but I think everyone has atleast one illustrator they like, I mean everyone loves Gemma Correll right?! ;) But Sandra Dieckmass is my fave at the moment, I got one of her prints for my birthday last year and I LOVE it.

#2 Raw Chocolate - Mint - £3.50 - I blogged about this chocolate a long time ago because I thought it was amaaaazing! It would make an amazing indulgent gift compared to a store bought box. Handmade chocolate that is good for you, that's right, good for you!!

#3 muinmolly - Tiny bow ring in rose gold - £19.19 - This is the one gift that probably wouldn't make it in time for christmas, but I just had to include it because rose gold seems to be everyones favourite thing right now and this is way cheaper, handmade and adorable.

#4 Fragmented Splendour - Pastel Pop necklace - £7 - Oh hey it's my shop! ;) Did you know if you use the code 'CHRISTMAS' you'll get 20% of any order over £7! wow! Plus I promise to wrap it up beautifully for you so it can go straight under the tree! There's a tonne of new bits coming to my shop after the new year, because I will finally have the time to show it some love yay! 

#5 Harriet Gray - Temporary Cat Tattoos! - 3 for £5.50 - I want some of these so bad! they're amazing and Harriet totally deserves all the love she's getting about them! her illustrations of cats are SO lovely, she has all sorts of goodies so check out her shop, it's like wonderland!

#6 Zukr Boutique - Mint Marshmallows - £4 - More foodie gifts, this is a little etsy shop based in Scotland, go and take a peak at some of their sweet treats! I'm tempted to buy those mint mallows because they sound so interesting and perfect for your hot choc mmmm.

#7 Little Lost Soul - Hand printed circle scarf - £18 - A pretty bristol based shop full of cool geometric designed clothes and cards. I love their t-shirt with the ribcage and triangle heart, pretty cool handmade clothing, way snazzier than topshop dontcha' think!

#8 Peskimo - Cat Naps A4 screenprint - £28 - Okay, the last thing, another little bit of eye candy for your wall. Perfect for any cat lover, so you know.. ME ;) this is basically just my handmade wishlist, I'm sorry...  

P.S. I'm sorry about the amount of exclamation marks in this post, truly sorry.


  1. such a great post, thanks for sharing <3


  2. Aww I love finding lovely homemade things like this! The cat tattoos are brilliant haha :)
    Kaz x

  3. thank you so much for including my cattoos and for supporting handmade! ... i'm off to drool over the marshmallows and chocolate :)


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