1 Nov 2012

October in Review

Birthdays and Camera snaps.

So, I turned 21 on the 20th of October, it's pretty odd to be so old now ;) though I don't feel any different in the slightest, of course! I've been meaning to do a little blog post on my birthday, I got some lovely things (including 3 cakes!!) but I never found the right moment and the lighting has been absolutely shocking, grey grey grey! Hopefully soon so I can babble some more about getting a clarisonic and brand new camera!
Other than that though not much else has happened, just like every other month this year time seems to have zipped right on by! Halloween always sneaks up right after my birthday but I haven't really been into celebrating it this year, I would love to dress up but I'm a tad anti-social so there's no parties to go to! Luckily my little sister is Halloween obsessed so I helped decorate with her. I don't think I've ever seen so many ghosts, bats and orange flashing pumpkins packed into one window display!

Fact. I did manage to become extremely addicted to playing Hay Day this month.
Until next month ...


  1. sounds like you had a lovely birthday with your three cakes, which i never received any of :(? don't even get me started on hayday, i'm extremely addicted!

  2. happy belated birthday! 3 cakes, a clarisonic & a new camera sound pretty awesome to me :) xx

  3. I'm sorry, you live too far away for cake! :(:(
    I LOOOOVE hayday!! ;) xo

  4. Yay thank you! I know I was pretty spoiled! but I'm sure for the last time as I'm a grown up now! ;) xo


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