3 Nov 2012

LUSH Goodies.

I don't often pop into Lush, even though it smells absolutely divine and calls my name everytime I walk past. We all know when there's a Lush nearby, you can smell it!

Last week with a few of my birthday pennies in hand I decided to finally head to that magical shop and get a few things I'd been eyeing up for a long time. First up was the Tea Tree Toner. I have a toner I love right now from REN but it's an exfoliating one and I wanted something gentle and refreshing to use after using my new love the clarisonic. So far so good, it's like a breath of fresh air for the skin, really refreshing and leaves skin feeling... lush ;)

Next up purely because it smells nice, has a funny name and has tequila in it(?!) Ponche! I admit I havent actually used this yet as I keep forgetting to take it into the shower, but I do keep giving it a whiff when I walk by my dresser drawers where it sits, so that's a good sign! I just wish it was cheaper, £4 is a lot for such a tiny bottle. No matter how lovely it smells I couldn't spend the £14 on the full size, ouch! A nice treat for christmas though as I can't buy any of the lovely bath bombs as we don't have a bath! :(

Lastly is the Shine So Bright hair balm for those nasty split ends and adding a bit of shine to your hair! I've used this twice now and my first impressions are a bit of a mixed bag. It's really hard to use as the balm is so hard and it's such a teeny tiny pot! It takes ages to melt into your hands and then can be quite difficult to rub into your hair - I know, weird. I feel like I'm not explaining myself properly but I like the end result, my frizz ball hair is a little less wacky, so I'm sure I'll use it up! 

Have you been to Lush recently and picked up any of their christmas bits?


  1. That tea tree water is supposed to be sooo good! Xx

  2. I love Lush! I also bought Ponche last time I popped in there - you will love it but you are right it is pricey. I am not sure I would buy the full sized one. I also have the Shine So Bright - once you get used to it is a good product & tames those flyaways!


  3. It is pricey yeah so good job it's limited edition so I don't have to buy it again after! :P I hope it grows on me because it seems like a lovely product with good ingrediants

  4. Lush is awesome, I don't use anything else

  5. i LOVE lush; but yeah, i never tend to go in when i'm trotting past, simply because i never have any spare pennies to treat myself! hah, the tea tree toner sounds amazing! :)xo


  6. Ponche smells so good! I went in last week, and loved Twilight, but it's so expensive, so I didn't buy it at the time! x

    Sirens and Bells

  7. I love Tea Tree, obvs ;] And Lush is great! I have a friend who is nuts for the stuff and she always lets me sample hers. Amazing.

  8. i JUST went there on Saturday! I picked up some sugar lip scrub and some chocolate-flavored lip tint. I love that store so much. It's addicting!

  9. I've heard a lot of good things about the tea tree toner, I definitely want to give it a try soon! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  10. Oh I absolutely love Lush, and the smell...I definitely know what you're talking about! haha!

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  11. I've been wanting to try out that Tea Tree Toner! PS. So happy to find your blog, it's adorable!Xo



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