26 Oct 2012

Over-rated - Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

My blog is rarely, if ever a negative place, but when something is so incredibly praised, I buy it & then wonder what on earth all the fuss is about, I gots to say something!
The Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is just that product today. I read all the reviews, watched all the videos and nobody really had much of a bad word to say about it, so when I last bought something from Clarins and there was a gift with purchase offer on, I thought this would be perfect to try.

To cut a long story short, because we all know how much I love typing, I just really dislike it! The smell is reason numero uno. It reeks of baby powder mixed with sun cream, it is so incredibly highly scented I think my nose might fall off when I give it a whiff! (Okay maybe that's a slight exaggeration;) Reason #2 - it doesn't do it's job. Having applied the thin layer without rubbing it in as it so states, my face is left sticky and uncomfortable. You're supposed to follow this with make-up while it "brightens and tightens" but I have trouble doing that on a tacky face! I've tried using this a few ways now, thinking I must have been doing something wrong, but I really can't get it to work for me which is a little upsetting I have to admit. 

This product can also be used as a mask, which I have had better results with, I notice a slightly brighter complexion once it's removed, but again the smell is so off-putting I really don't want this on my face at all, sorry Beauty Flash Balm.

*I should probably add that I'm not a big Clarins hater, I actually love quite a lot of their products, especially their Lotus facial oil, it's just this wasn't worth the hype this time around in my honest opinion. And what is a blog if it's not a place to share your opinion!


  1. I tried this years ago and didn't like it either, I put it down to being too young at the time ;) xx

  2. I know what you mean about the smell, I do quite enjoy using it though. When I use it on my mum who is 50 it does amazing things.... so maybe you'll come to love it in many many many years :)

  3. I bought into the hype and got this, but I have to say I agree with you - it did nothing for my skin at all. I love Clarins skincare but this just wasn't for me. Loving your blog, found you on Sailboat! xx


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