9 Oct 2012

Life lately according to instagram.

Back when it was summer // New necklace in my shop // blueberry muffin nom!
Sister's birthday cake // new necklace for me, meow! // clashing outfit
Beautiful kitty cat // a panda print blazer in primark // gems soon to be rings & necklaces!
Baking white choc brownies // a proper fire for autumn // being strange 

Oh hi! how are you?! these days I'm not sure where the time keeps going, this is over a months worth of instagram pictures but the first one seems like it was yesterday!

I have so many new pretties for my shop waiting to be made but I'm all out of chain and other bits at the mo, isn't that just typical! Also plenty of uni work to be getting on with and lots of boiling the kettle so we can wash up! We've been without hot water for nearly 2 weeks now and our landlord is being ridiculously slow about it all. Hoping we can get some rent back because it's not on.

I also decided to begin watching downton abbey last week and 4 days later I was all caught up, tad ashamed for wasting so many hours in front of my laptop like that but I get it now, it's a pretty addicting show ;) I might just watch them all again...

xo Annabel


  1. Yum to the cakies! Poor you - I know all about the kettle boiling! Have you leanrt to wash your hair with only one kettle of water yet? ;) xo

  2. I've been waiting to start Downton Abbey until my Thanksgiving holiday...but you are making me want to start earlier!

  3. Awesome photos, the panda print blazer is so cool !

  4. Love the panda print on the blazer, cute! Boo to not having any hot water, you poor thing! We didn't have any hot water for a few days either and was horrible. You should definitely get some of your rent back. Hope its fixed soon!
    Lianne x


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