24 Oct 2012

A 'For The Home Wishlist' - Achica

So incase you didn't know I'm a student. And like 97% of the student population my 'dwellings' aren't the prettiest about. Plain cream walls that are crying to be repainted, the smallest bathroom you ever did see and a carpet that's probably better suited to a drab office than a living room. That being said it's a hell of a lot better than some of the flats we looked at before this one! (I'm talking no sink in the bathroom and a 1 hob cooker!)

Anyway, I've been browsing websites like Achica for fun because I very much like the idea of having a pretty little home, with plenty of artwork covering the walls, big cushions everywhere (I am a cushion addict, there's about 10 on the bed at any one time), and a nice coffee table with a fancy decorative fruit bowl (you know the type), beautiful flowers and candles filling the place with scents that make you go "mmm". A girl can dream, I know my boyfriend is definitely not the decorative type, all he needs is an xbox and tv and he's sorted. Pah! 

I've made up a little wishlist of the lovely things I found yesterday on Achica homeware - they currently have a promotion with Ohh Deer and my absolute favourite artist Sandra Dieckmann, so some of her beautiful prints are up for sale and as cushions too!! I'm so tempted by them right now, must attempt to resist!

They have so many weird and wonderful things, from chocolate, to bags to bowls and Tv's! The bags from the Bohemia shop are exactly like The Cambridge Satchel co. but only a fraction of the price (I say fraction but I still couldn't afford them ;) New things pop up for a limited time sale everyday just like Fab.com (Another favourite place to waste hours looking at pop-up sales of funky art and jewellery). The only thing I would note is delivery can take quite some time so make sure you don't need anything right away!

Have you checked out the Achica Homeware shop? Be careful it's a devilishly tempting place! ;)


  1. Oh my god I want everything!!

  2. Tanesha Stafford28 October 2012 at 11:08

    I love it especially the satchel :)

    Tanesha x

  3. I have been absolutely loving Achica - I've bought quite a few Christmas presents already from there! My mum bought me one of those bear cushions, along with what I think was a fox one, and a lovely print (for Christmas of course) :) they really have had some lovely stuff, now to search for a house to rent to fill with these pretty things!! x



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