7 Sep 2012

Morning skincare routine.

My skincare has been changing a lot recently so I thought I'd start by sharing my updated 'routine' as I've really got into keeping up with using everything in hopes of helping my skin.
First of all yes, I know I'm basically just a walking talking advert for everything REN these days, what can I say? I love it and I'm not even a tiny bit sorry.
Secondly, you may think this is a bit extreme in the morning, but honestly I feel gross if I havent washed my face properly, and a quick wipe with a cotton pad and a micellar water just wont do, I want actual water thank you!

REN mayblossom t-zone control cleansing gel, REN clearcalm 3 clarifying clay cleanser
Clarins daily energizing wake-up-booster

My go to cleanser in the morning is usually the REN mayblossom cleanser for combination skin, it is a super runny gel that doesn't foam up on the skin, it just feels really refreshing and light in the mornings while still leaving my skin clean as can be. My 'back up' cleanser is also from REN, this time from the range for blemish prone skin. The clay cleanser is better for when I have super unhappy or oily skin, it's a bit like using a mini face mask in the mornings and is great at soothing while soaking up dirt. I don't use this everyday though as it can be dehydrating when used too often and I like to use it at night sometimes too.
My toner of choice as of late has been the Clarins wake-up-booster, I'm not sure if this is really meant to be a toner as such but I really want to use it up so I can buy something new! It's slightly hydrating to use and is really good at refreshing the skin, other than that though it doesn't really do a lot.

REN T-zone balancing day fluid, Origins super spot remover, REN active 7 radiant eye gel
Nuxe reve de miel lip balm

After all that cleansing and toning I slap on a bit of moisturiser, currently the REN t-zone balancing day fluid, again from the combination range. It just seems to really agree with my skin! I would like to find something with a bit of SPF though. I then if needed dab on a bit of Origins super spot remover as it dries so much faster than the Etat Pur one. While wincing from the stinging of that little devil I've been applying a tiny bit of the REN radiant eye gel around my eyes (A sample from a  magazine) to attempt to combat dark circles and marks from my glasses. It seems to be doing good so far, it's really cooling on the eye area and this tiny sample is going to last me AGES! Lastly a bit of the worlds most expensive lip balm from nuxe to sort out any cracked lips and we're good to go! ... you know once I've put some make-up on too ;)

Please tell me you have a routine as long as mine?! anyone???
xo Annabel


  1. can i have your skin care routine please? the products you use look amazing! i finally have the nuxe lip balm, and oh my god it's good stuff! i really want to try something from Ren but i'm too poor at the moment and have enough skin care to use up!

    and don't worry my skin care routine is just as long too! and to think i used to use just a baby wipe on my skin before i started blogging :o

  2. I totally agree with you about needing to use water on my face, I mean you wouldn't just wash your body with a wetwipe and go so why do it on your face! xx

  3. No you may not, it cost me a fortune :P
    I got both of those ren cleansers from ebay for like half price, bargaaaain.

    I know before blogging I washed my face with water most days!

  4. exactly! It makes me cringe when people use wipes!

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  6. Wow, amazing beauty products, may I know your routine.

  7. Excellent post.Lotions keep skin moisturized and keeps it from drying.

  8. Amazing! Beautiful job.......... Great and thanks for sharing.


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