1 Sep 2012

Month in Review

I've been trying to write this post for 2 days now, but thinking back my month has been quite un-interesting for the most part, and then the last few days have just been exhausting with moving that I haven't really wanted to blog as we've just had so many things to do!

I'm pretty happy with our new home now, it's so much better with the new carpet and all of our things in. I wanted to say thank you to your comments about it too, you're all lovely & I promise to reply when I'm not half asleep someday ;) I want to get up early tomorrow too and take pictures for my monthly beauty faves post which is a day behind schedule because of this post! I'm such a crazy person that I like posting certain posts on certain days. Don't you judge me! 

Keeping it simple as I really want to go to bed, sharing with you a couple of my fave blog & things from this past month.

Fave blogs this month

I love reading Evelyn's reviews, her blog name is also so unique, it really caught my eye :)

I've followed Kara's blog for the longest time, since before I started my own blog. I just love it, okay?!

My favourite posts to write
Art Appreciation - Filippo Minelli  /  That REN mask everyone talks about

Some things I bought
Ecotools brushes  /  Supplies for my shop

Some things I wished for
Leather Jacket  /  Face mask

And that was August... basically ;)
See you next month! (well not really, just for this post!)
xo Annabel

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  1. I'm really enjoying reading 'I Just Might Explode' - what a lovely blog recommendation :) x


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