2 Sep 2012

Favourites - August

The OCD in me is crying because this is pretty much 2 days late now, & I couldn't just leave it, so here we go! A few of my favourite things from the past 31 days..

Emma Hardie amazing face natural lift and sculpt moringa cleansing balm - One of the best cleansers in the world.. probably. Seriously though, so much hype around this pot of wonder and it's well deserved! Smells AMAZING too!

Goldwell dualsenses colour 60 second treatment - Picked this up because it was on sale a few weeks ago and I'd just dyed my hair. I've been using it like a normal conditioner and it makes my hair feel so soft and tangle free, I usually leave it on longer than 60 seconds though!

REN resurfacing AHA concentrate - Will I ever stop piping on about REN? I doubt it, it's love. This is a natural 'chemical' exfoliator, much like liquid gold but not as harsh and 10x as fancy looking! I only use this once or twice a week and it saves me from scrubbing at my skin with awful bits of apricot kernals or whatever!

Etat Pur Salicylic Acid 300 - I got this in last months joliebox and I love it, it really has worked for me! An excellent little spot remover that doesn't sting like others can (I hate that)

MUA eye shadow shade 21 - I really don't like spending money on expensive make-up, so discovering this gorgeous bronze shade from mua for a pound made me super happy! I have quite enjoyed using it on day when I can be bothered to put on eyeshadow.. so actually only about 3 or 4 days this month ;)

So those are my 'favourite' beauty bits that I loved in August, I can't believe it's now September, this year has gone SO fast!
xo Annabel


  1. I read about that Salicylic Acid on Evelyn's blog too..sounds popular!
    Great post Annabel, hope you had a good weekend (and that your post arrives soon)!

    xx Veronica


  2. Its really good and you get a lot for your pennies!
    Thank you Veronica! :)


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