28 Sep 2012

Battle of the spot remover!

It's war!
Only joking, that would be a little over the top don't ya think! Anyway, back to the actual post. I took it upon myself to compare both the Etat Pur and Origins spot removers... because well, I have both.
I bought the origins one a really long time ago now (£13 for 10ml), whereas the Etat Pur (£12.20 for 15ml) one came to me in a Joliebox a few months ago (couldn't tell you which, terrible memory).
I'm a bit stuck for words on how to compare these in a fancy manner, so I'm just going to go ahead and say that I prefer the Etat Pur Salicylic acid, and now tell you why! 
Firstly the Origins is a little bottle of evil and stings like NO other when applied. Sure, you may shrug that off and say 'it means it's really working' but it honestly can hurt! my eyes water sometimes, sheesh. Secondly, I really don't find it all that effective at fighting a blemish. It's a tricky one, you've got to be diligent and apply it quite frequently (while dealing with it's pain) or else it does next to nothing. Plus, it can be drying when used like that - a bad combo.
Onto the Etat Pur, it doesn't sting at all, it's very runny and just sinks into the area you apply it instead of drying on top of the skin. To be honest the reason I love this is because I've actually seen results! Applied as the blemish is beginning to form it stops it in it's tracks and in turn you get a smaller and easier to hide spot that disappears within 2 days max, no scar at all. NO scar, it's a miracle!
I have to add I am the worst at remembering to apply these kind of treatments during the day most of the time, so I rarely get the same results. I should probably set myself alarms for throughout the day! ;)
Have you tried either of these and had different results to me?
xo Annabel


  1. I'm not familiar with either product but my opinion is if the Origins is stinging that much it can not be good for your skin :(

  2. I find the Origins stings a lot too and is not as effective as it used to be when I started using it. It's starting to run out so I think i'll try the Etat Pur next!

  3. i've been wanting the origins one for a while now but don't fancy my face burning, so you have convinced me to try the etat pur one first :)

  4. Awww I just got the Origins Spot remover lol. Hopefully it works out differently for me! :O


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