4 Sep 2012

A discontinued favourite from L'Occitane.

I'd forgotten all about this beautiful smelling soap until I discovered it in a box when sorting a few things out.

There used to be a LOT of L'Occitane in our house... a LOT. But my favourite was always sweet lemon. The smell, seriously .. I just want to eat it. But then they discontinued it, can you believe they did that to me?! Any sweet lemon products became like liquid gold, but eventually they all got used up, except one!

All I have left 3 years later is this one last bar of soap. I refuse to use it, because that would make me sad, plus it still smells! It's smells amazing, not quite as strong as it used to but 3 years is a long time guys. 

Have you had anything you love be discontinued?
xo Annabel

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