29 Aug 2012


This wasn't what I had planned for todays post (I plan my posts out in advance - geek?) I had planned on showing you a few pictures of our new place, & rambling on about being ridiculously happy over having my own kitchen, because hey it's my blog. But that's now how yesterday went, in fact, it didn't really 'go' at all because everything went wrong!

I'll set the scene - It's 10am and we arrive in uni-town with 2 cars full of stuff, ready to move in to our little flat! Problem! There was no electricity in said flat and they couldn't get hold of the electrician at that moment. Okay no big deal. On the off chance, the flat on the ground floor had become available and she offered us a peek at it while we were waiting around. It was double the size, huge windows, all excellent, but the kitchen just put me off straight away, it's so small and cramped with hardly any worktop space at all. But then Mikey and his parents said we should take it! It was all such a shock and I didn't know what to do. Long story short, I cried because I lost my perfect little kitchen upstairs and traded it for more space elsewhere. We couldn't move in yesterday though because the horrible spotty carpet that you see above was being replaced for a nice cream one today. That sofa is incredibly comfortable though, despite it's crazy looks. So we're moving in tomorrow instead. You know when you get those feelings like everything is moving so fast, did you make the right choice? what are you going to do? I'm just so upset about losing my little kitchen you guys, I love cooking :(

Anyway, here's a link I want you to click. Seriously click. The most beautiful house I may have ever laid eyes on, shame it's in Sweden!!

xo Annabel


  1. Sometimes these things just happen, you might find yourself so thankful for the extra space! Good luck with the move, hope it all goes really well!xo

  2. Thank you so much Georgia :) xo

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your perfect kitchen :( but these things do happen for a reason, and I'm sure that you will grow to love this place just as much as you fell for the previous one. You will make it into a beautiful space for yourselves, and you can make the kitchen as perfect as you can :) the extra space will come in handy judging by those beautiful photos of the Swedish house too!! Hannah x


  4. I am so sorry that all that happened to you yesterday! I am definitely having one of those days today, everything seems to be going wrong and I feel like crap! Argh! Anyways, I am glad you got it all worked out and I cannot wait to see your perfect little kitchen :]

    PS; I rather like that couch! Hehe

  5. Yeah I hear you. Some days are just like that. Once, I was kicked out of my house by my landlord just after moving in (as a naive first year student, who hadn't signed her contract before moving in, trusting her landlord to keep his word) and I had to move out in 24 hours. It was crazy! I crashed at a friend's place for a while, but it was all so crazy!


  6. House hunting is just the funnest yet most stressful time ever! \We moved and moved again, and now we find our place to big, so we handed in our notice, and now we can't seem to find anywhere.. It's like not everything ticks the boxes we want, but then I think we have to make these sacrifices.. And it's always nice when you then put your mark on it too :)
    The sofa is lovely.. I have a dress in this print!xxx


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