28 Aug 2012

September Free Advertising!

Oh hi, it's that time of month again where I offer up free ad spaces on my blog! The catch? You sponsor my blog in return, simples :)

I had so many emails about it last month, I was a tad over-whelmed I have to say, so thank you :) I only offer up 10 spaces so as not to clog up my page, so if you'd like to reserve your space please email me now at Fragmentedsplendour@gmail.com (spaces are offered up on a first come first serve basis so chop chop!) :)

If you're ready to swap please prepare a 200x100 sized blog button and attach it in the email along with where you'd like it to link - oh and tell me what size button you'd require from me! :)

This month has been the most 'successful' for my blog yet, the highest pageviews ever and a big increase in followers! I'm so happy my little blog is growing, and have to say a big thank you to everyone who swapped with me this month, linked to my blog or mentioned me in a post it's been awesome :)

xo Annabel

P.S. This is a scheduled post as I'm actually moving house today! But I promise I'll email you back as soon as I get chance tonight or tomorrow! xx

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