27 Aug 2012

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment


The Ojon restorative hair treatment has to be up there in my top 10 hair care products. It just feels so luxurious and leaves my hair SO soft. It does however stink something awful and comes (in my opinion) in a bit of a cheapy looking plastic pot that diminishes it's poshness and how expensive it is! 

Talking about how expensive this is, it's £32 for 100ml. & that seems like nothing, the pot is SO small! I know they do a half size 50ml pot for £16 on their website too and that would obviously be even smaller! In the picture above I'd used the treatment twice, and as you can see it will last me awhile as there's over two thirds left (my hair is medium to long), and you don't really need to use this more than once or twice a month if you use it properly. 
And by properly I mean leaving it on for as long as humanly possible. The first two times I used this I coated my hair in the stuff then put my hair up into a secure top knot for the night and slept with it in. Just FYI, you will need a towel on your pillow, it is oil after all. Also, in regards to the smell, it's like smoke to me, ashy, but not so off putting that I can't sleep with it, I don't really notice it after an hour or so. 

For my most recent use of the mask I only left it on my hair for about 30-40 minutes before having my shower, and the results were nowhere near as impressive as when I'd left it in my hair for about 12 hours. So I do really recommend taking the time to use this properly and saving it for when you have the time to leave it in and benefit from the repairing properties.

Onto the oil itself; it comes pretty much solid in the pot, not rock hard or anything, just like a balm (10 points for my description skills). You scoop or spoon it out, melt in your hands and apply to hair. Simple. You will feel like you havent washed your hair in about 3 weeks once this is on though...
Onto the results; once you have really thoroughly washed your hair, dried it naturally or with heat, you will notice noticeably softer hair, shine and dare I say that weird word?! vitality! oh yeah! I feel like my hair is smiling :) & with continuous use damage to the hair is repaired and reduced. Pretty good yeah?

Have you tried this, or anything from Ojon?
xo Annabel
P.S. I should write that I have just done a bit of investigating and discovered that Ojon is indeed owned by beauty industry giant Estee Lauder, a company known for it's animal testing and selling it's products in china (where they are forced to test products on animals by law). I have read Ojon's statement on their website and it does say deviously that they don't test unless "required by law". It's a bit of a grey area & I'm not sure how I feel about this. I have a few more things from Ojon I'd like to share here on my blog, but I  won't be buying any more products from them.


  1. your right about the packaging it's so cheap looking. the product looks interesting and i do need something to add that 'vitality' back into my hair, but it's such a shame they test an animals and I probably wouldn't buy this anyway because of the price!!

  2. 'be been tempted by this but never have time to leave anything overnight! X

  3. I know, can't believe how expensive ojon products are, I bet there isn't even that much of this fancy ojon oil in it!

  4. Veronica Froward27 August 2012 at 19:12

    Informative post, I haven't really ventured into hair care but hope to one day!! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    xx Veronica



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