16 Aug 2012

Naked haircare collection #2

So my Naked bodycare collection continues! This time it's just shampoo, because I don't know about you but it takes me way longer to go through conditioner than it does shampoo. So I've been picking up  other shampoos from their range to try as I go along - It'll take me so much longer to test out all their conditioners! 

The Shine shampoo is the most recent addition and I haven't really tested it out enough yet to make a call, I do know that their shine conditioner is award winning, so it must be pretty good! I have noticed my hair felt pretty soft after use - not sure about the shine factor though.
The Detox 2 in 1 however is a different story, I'm onto my third bottle of this because I love it! I use it every other time I wash my hair and if my hair is feeling particularly greasy. My hair feels so clean after but not stripped like a usual clarifying shampoo. I still follow with a conditioner though because my hair is thick and coloured and needs the extra moisture. 
Last up is my boyfriends personal choice of haircare at the moment, he has a really sensitive scalp and needed something with as few chemicals as possible. Enter this this , it did the trick and he probably wont ever change shampoo now because he's so stubborn. I've used it once or twice and couldn't see much of a difference, but then again I don't have a sensitive scalp! :)

Have you tried anything from Naked?
xo Annabel

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