11 Aug 2012

Life lately

The days are just tick tick ticking by now, and as everyone is complaining about how fast the months are going by I need them to go a little faster!! I'm awaiting the 28th of this month so I can move back to uni finally, summer has been SO long! I want my own kitchen and bathroom and sofa! chop chop.

Life lately has been mainly an impromptu visit to my mums for my belongings and developing a strange obsession with watching the olympics. Which I have loved every minute of (rather out of character for me) I think it would have been amazing to go to london and watch something, anything! I have particularly enjoying watching gymnastics, I think if I had ever had a sporty bone in my body, I would have wanted to do gymnastics! :)

The above pictures are of my mums garden, she had some really pretty flowers about, and even prettier kitties. There sits the king of them all on his wicker throne (much more comfortable than gold of course) ... the queen of all cats was off somewhere being too posh for pictures. My mum has been reading my blog (the horror) and sent me an actual email a few weeks ago asking why there's no pictures of Lyla, well it's because she's not a fan of them (or me most of the time!!) so there's your answer mother :) 

xo Annabel


  1. Veronica Froward11 August 2012 at 19:10

    Hi Annabel! I read your guest post for Sabrina's blog and loved it!!! :) Just followed your blog, looking forward to reading more posts!

    xx Veronica


  2. Love the cat just lazing on the chair.

  3. Lovely garden and photos!!! :")

  4. Pretty photos! (Gymnastics are my favorite too!)

  5. Wow these photos are amaze balls! Uhh I especially love the first one. And ha I love the shoutout to your mom! Too funny : )


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