18 Aug 2012

Insta update.

Seth giving me dead legs in the car  /  Myles being a-freakin-dorable  /  Things now in my possession
Blogging life for me  /  Strawbs (or shawgies as I said as a baby) & cream  /  Oh hi there :)
My dog is cuter than yours  /  Oh hi there V2.0  /  Huge cat compared to me.

I haven't really taken many pictures lately as not a great deal has happened, so some of these are a few weeks old now. Mostly my pets minus the shy one like usual, I'm biased but I think they're gorgeous little creatures and worthy of 10 million pictures daily ;)

In other news, my hair is fading super quick from red back to brown - as I knew it would. I'm going to dye it again though soon so maybe I'll remember to show you all this time! I'm really ready to move now, these 10 more days cannot go fast enough! We're going to attempt at least 1 of Jamie's 30 minute meals a week once we move. Until his 15 minute meals book comes out! Can't wait to watch the show for it as well, love Jamie Oliver! 

xo Annabel


  1. Argh your pets are so cute, your cat is so photogenic! Good luck with the Jamie's 30 minutes meals, I love the programme and it always inspires me (though I never follow it up) xxx

  2. haha thank you! :D
    I know, I always want to make what he's making as it looks so good and easy, so it's my new mission! xo


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