23 Aug 2012

Empties #2

Empties! I'm like a snail when it comes to using things up, I just don't want them to end! Except shampoo and conditioner, because I get bored of those. So most of the things I've managed to use up are mini samples, there would have been more but I threw them away! oops :)
Naked detox 2 in 1 - You know I love this, already have a new bottle on the go! Gentle clarifying goodness.
Naked intensive care shampoo - It's okay - A shampoo is just a shampoo! (Why is shampoo called shampoo? & has the word lost meaning yet? ;)) don't think I'll pick up a second bottle as there are other things I'd like to try.
Superdrug dry shampoo - I bought this as it was buy one get 2 free, crazy! plus it was the only dry shampoo I could find at the time that doesn't test on animals! I still haven't found out if batiste do or don't grr. It was not particularly good at being a dry shampoo :( Won't buy it again once I've used up the others!

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealor - I super duper like this, but then again I think everyone does! I think it has oxidised a bit in the tube though as my new one looks a lot lighter (it's the same shade I swear) odd.
REN Vetiver v7 hand and body cream - A sample from a magazine, had to have it because ren is my fave! however wasn't keen on the smell that much so used it up all in one go. It left my skin nice and soft though :)
Caudalie beauty elixir - used this up ages ago! I liked it enough to buy the full size but it arrived faulty so had to go back :( not bought another one since because hey, it's expensive and full of alcohol. PLUS, they have had they leaping bunny logo taken off of them because they now sell in china, sell outs!
Alpha H smoothing and perfecting mask - You're supposed to experience a 'little' tingling when this is on, but my face was on fire at first! ack! It was only a teeny 4ml sample, but enough for me to know I don't want it on my face ever again as the results weren't worth the pain.
REN T-zone control cleansing gel - A sample but have since bought the full size, it's lovely, I use it every single morning without fail.
REN T-zone balancing day fluid - The partnering moisturiser that I also love, super distraught that this has run out because the full size is £26! Still praying for an ebay bargain or something before my face shrivels into a prune without it.
And that is all for now! Have you tried any of these products?? 
xo Annabel :)


  1. shame about the alpha h mask! i got a little like sample pack (all i wanted was the liquid gold!) but none of the products really stood out to me as being worth the price! id much rather buy REN, im having a bit of a love affair with it right now! my favourite is their clay cleanser :)

  2. I know! I'm sure with continuous use my face would get used to it, but I prefer the REN glycolactic mask, much more gentle :) Don't get me started on REN, I have quite the collection ;P I love the clay cleanser!

  3. i love how you write your posts :) how you go off on random rambles about the meaning of shampoo! i want to try alpha h products but don't fancy having my face feel like it's on fire!

  4. Seriously WHY is shampoo called shampoo????? I am going to google this and will report back STAT.
    (PS. liquid gold aint bad I gotta say, but not impressed with the rest)

  5. "Shampoo" comes from the Hindi word "campo," meaning "to press," and a "shampoo," which entered English around 1762, was originally a full-body massage. In fact, until the mid-19th century, asking for a "shampoo" would get you pummeled by a masseur (or masseuse) and slathered with oils and lotions. Only lastly (if you lasted that long) would your hair be washed. By about 1860, however, "shampoo" had attained its exclusive modern meaning of "washing the hair." Shortly thereafter, "shampoo" began to be used as a noun meaning either an act of shampooing or the special soap used on the hair.


  6. I am rubbish at using products up, but you have a great selection here! x



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