3 Aug 2012

Bought some make-up..

Let's get one thing straight, even though I like 'beauty blogging' I don't really like make-up. There, I said it. It makes me nervous, foundation? the worst. The constant fear I'm orange or it's not blended or it's patchy, or any other number of things that could go wrong. Argh!

Okay, anyway. The other week, me and thee went to Manchester and of course a trip to boots was necessary, it's my haven.
As well as the usual skincare bits I picked up FOUR pieces of make-up related 'equipment'. This is completely unheard of for me, I mean I only own the one foundation, 2 eyeshadows and other miscellaneous things. The only item I have in bulk is eyeliner, I have about 15 of those badboys ;) 

So of course I picked up a new waterproof barry m eyeliner, a collection 2000 felt tip eyeliner to test out for the first time, a new concealer as I'm running out aaaaand one of those Revlon stain balmy things in a shade so similar to my lips I might as well of not even bothered! (though I really like it so hey!)

My make-up collection is slowly expanding, I feel so grown up guys ;)
Next on my list: a new foundation for some variety to spice up my life! & possibly the MUA undressed palette. Might need to tell myself to slow down at this rate ha!
xo Annabel


  1. I have that shade of Revlon balm and the Collection 2000 concealer, both gorgeous! And I think everyone's a little afraid of foundation:)

  2. I've been wanting to try a lip stainy thing for ages!! How does it feel on your lips? I have the Topshop eyeliner felt tip, have had it for about 6 months now I think, and I love it!! It's lasting really well, I don't use it everyday but it is so easy to apply that I've ditched my other eyeliners altogether :) x p.s. Have been trying out the Ren skincare after your post on them, not sure of my opinion entirely yet but the Frankincense night cream and the night serum thingy seem to be quite good!


  3. It feels like a plain old lipbalm then fades to nothingness and leaves the stain, it does stick to dry bits on your lips though.
    Oh gosh, I'm absolutely rubbish with the felt tip liner, can't see what I'm doing at all without my glasses HA! ;)
    & Ooooh that's good, skincare is very subjective so anything can work for anyone :)

  4. They're lovely aren't they :)
    & yes thank god, I'm always afraid of looking over-done :)


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