21 Aug 2012

Bits 'n' bobs.

Image from My Billie.

Hi there my splendid blog readers! :) Just thought I'd let you know of something awesome happening on my friend Melanie's blog currently! I'm hosting a giveaway yay! This is only the second I have ever done with my jewellery as the prize, so if you like my bits 'n' bobs, you might want to go and enter!
Up for grabs is a jasper three tiered necklace on a gold chain. It's one of its kind as I won't be putting that style up in my shop as I have other plans for the last few jasper beads :)

In other news: It has been raining here pretty much ALL day, not just a little bit of rain either, but serious torrential rain. And during said rain, 2 dare devil sheep escaped from who know's where and decided to take up residence on the patch of grass besides the house. They has to cross a road to get there and stopped all traffic doing so, the grass must really have been greener on the other side ;) (cheesy pun alert!)

Uhm, I think I have cabin fever...
xo Annabel


  1. Enjoyed reading, the sheep story did make me laugh! I love mischievous tales of animals! The necklace is beautiful, as always :) x


  2. Aw thanks Hannah! :) I know, as I was looking out of the window watching them I knew I had to blog it hahaha xD

  3. love mel's blog and i'm so glad she shared your shop! totally entered as many times as I could! ha

  4. Aw yay thank you and good luck!! :)


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