25 Aug 2012

Art Appreciation

I randomly stumbled onto a blog once, and it contained the works of Maria Aparicio Puentes. I thought it was really cool, so I bookmarked it. & now I'm sharing her work with you lovely lot!
This is my second Art post this month, because I always get such lovely comments when I do them, you really seem to like them! If you'd prefer just one a month though, that's cool too... I guess. I mean my feelings wont be hurt but I might eat a lot of chocolate.

Maria uses thread to add these new geometric patterns and textural elements to other peoples photographs, in a sense making them her own. The colours and patterns against the black and white is so eye catching. 
There's a page on her website that shows the before and afters of a few of her works, it's so interesting seeing the changes as the feel of the images completely change.

My favourite image has to be the one with a cat because well... it has a cat in it. ;)
Have you discovered any amazing new artists recently? share them with me!
xo Annabel


  1. These are super pretty. What a creative mind :]

  2. Wow.... these are awesome!


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