31 Jul 2012

Month in Review

This month has been pretty great, visiting the amazing Harry Potter studio tour (I might shut up about that one day, but not yet) and just in general having a nice July! Saying July is over feels so wrong, how can it be when we haven't even had a summer yet! crazy. Anyway, on with the post!

Three things I did this month:
1. Went to the Harry Potter studio tour and ruined the magic for myself but still had a great time (SEE I can't stop mentioning it!!).
2. Went to the cinema TWICE, which is highly unusual for us, seeing as we live so far away from any cinemas'. We saw Spiderman and Batman incase you were wondering, so many super-human men about these days.
3. Made the four hour journey there and back to cambridge twice, broke down on the motorway once and had to stand in the rain for an hour waiting for the RAC. Lovely.

Three things I discovered this month:
1. That this clip can amuse me for days, not just hours but days!
2. There are 69 official cities in the UK, 51 of which are in England.
3. That having a percent off code to a beauty website is a dangerous and expensive thing!

Three blogs I loved this month:
Lips so Facto  /  Smitten Kitchen  /  Vivianna Does Makeup
(The best beauty and food enablers there ever was and will be)

Three posts I enjoyed writing this month:
Last week.  /  An amazing Wednesday  /  REN - clean skincare

Three things I bought this month:
Goldwell 60 second hair mask  /  Emma Hardie Moringa balm  /  Naked detox shampoo

Three things I wish I'd bought:
This panda jumper  /  This bag  /  This face mask

And that's July! Of course, other things happened, but I've slept since then ;)
xo Annabel


  1. I love Lip so Facto blog too :) 
    Just found your blog, its super cute !


  2. I'm heading to the Harry Potter Studios in a couple of weeks, can't wait! 


  3. I so want to go to the harry potter studio tour :D Might have to book it soon x x 

  4. Yay! Meg's a peach :)
    Thank you :)

  5. It is SO amazing! A bit hard to take it all in really, I want to go again! ;)

  6. You really should, it's amazing :)

  7. Lauren Goodland9 August 2012 at 18:13

    Your blog is so interesting, I love it!
    It's just really different how you do things like the above 'three things i wish i'd bought' etc

    Lauren x


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