25 Jul 2012


scratchin' feels good man  /  hello!  /  Can I go back there please?
Teary eyes @ that  /  The castle :)
Best show ever?!  /  Lyla  /  Marshmallow crispy mice!
Nando's is my weakness  /  Printworks  /  I may have dyed my hair red last night, ack!!

I haven't instagrammed or taken many pictures of life in the past week or so, so I thought I best put these up before they become ancient! Of course there's plenty of pets and the Harry Potter tour, re-runs of the big bang theory and trips to manchester to eat lots of food and watch spider man :)

I may have also attempted to dye my hair red last night, talk about traumatic! I regretted it instantly in sheer panic but it turned out okay.. I guess ;) I only bought the one tub but of course when you read the instructions inside, it says I need two for my length of hair, helpful!! Did it anyway cause' I'm a rebel and such. It didn't turn out that colour because my hair is dark brown anyway, it's sort of burgundy now... hmmm..... oops.

xo Annabel ;)


  1. Oooh I want to see how your hair turned out! Love these pictures.. pets, harry potter and big bang theory.. it's like we're the same person lol

    Before I forget, loving your shop at the moment, I have my eye on the trinket box necklace x xx

  2. I will have to try and take a few pictures in the sun, It looks so red then :D

    Aw thank you!! I only have the one because I wasn't sure if it would make a nice necklace, but it is verrry cute :) 

  3. Ooo!! I love that color (similar to what my hair color is.... errr, was...) and the foam stuff. I've only discovered 1 brand like that here and it worked awwwwesome. 


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