2 Jul 2012

Favourites - June

Origins Night-a-mins (oil free) renewal cream - I plan my blog posts in advance and I have a review coming up of this in a few days, so I won't go into too much detail. Basically, it's a really lovely night cream without making me a grease face. Huzzah!

Naked detox shampoo - I'm a huge fan of Naked haircare and purchased this to use every other wash to cleanse my hair a little more. It has become a life saver on my current stay in cambridge as I can't stand hard water, it makes my hair feel extra greasy AND dry while making it a lifeless mess. I'm not saying this combats all of those, but it helps keep it cleaner feeling for longer, so that's something! 

REN combination kit - I got this kit at the beginning of the month when I splurged on REN, and I don't regret it! It cost me £12 for 3 trial/travel sizes of the combination range, excluding the new toner they have recently released. They are quite generous samples, I've been using the cleanser everyday and it's not done yet! All 3 products are stars that I want to review in more depth soon, and I think I might just end up owning the full sizes as I love them all!

Benefit's The Porefessional - In a lot of people's faves this month thanks to glamour magazine, I picked up 2 of these and I'm glad I did. Not sure I'd purchase the full size but I'm loving using up my samples for now! I don't suffer from enlarged pores really, but I have slightly bumpy skin around the tops of my cheeks with a few milia ( :( ) that the porefessional helps disguise a little. It doesn't make my cheeks flawless, just.. less bumpy ha! I've also found it's excellent at controlling oil anywhere that I put it.

NYC Lights Camera Glitter - Picked this up on offer in superdrug after seeing lily wear it, it's so so pretty over neutral colours, or on it's own, or over brights... or just, anytime!

Until next month!
xo Annabel


  1. Benefit's The Porefessional looks like a great product because it's tinted - my primers are normally clear, silicon based things. Great post :) xx

  2. makeupmonster12 July 2012 at 17:28

    Oh the Origins cream sounds fab look forward to your review on it!

  3. You can't really tell it's tinted, it just disappears into the skin xo

  4. I really want to try out Ren skincare, I hear to many goods about it. x

  5. I really need to try out the 2-in-1 formula of the Detox shampoo - I had a bottle of the shampoo before the formula changed, and it was good, but I preferred the rest of the range x


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