17 Jul 2012

Clarins cream-gel moisturiser.

Fact. A few days after I first bought this, I made the horrific mistake of dropping it while it was open and half shot out across the carpet. 

Another fact. I've already written this post once but it magically got erased (don't ask) and I cant remember what I wrote.. because let's face it, I ramble. So I'll try and keep it short and sweet. 

I bought this a good few months ago now with some more of the energizer range, as my skin was feeling, for lack of a better word, crap.
I definitely saw an improvement when using all the products together, and for the first time in a while my skin was a little happier. 
Now I'm not going to preach that this are the holy grail or anything, they're not, because frankly they're not targeted enough for my skin type. If you had normal skin and just wanted something to brighten and keep you fresh-faced, then the Clarins Energizer range would be perfect! I however have combination skin prone to breakouts that can scar me for months and need something to actually treat my skin.

This moisturiser was fantastic when the weather was colder and my skin had dry patches, as even though its not a cream exactly, I still find it quite rich for my skin and worked a treat at balancing it all out. It takes a while to sink in but once it dries my skin is matte for most of the day and it doesn't aggravate my oily t-zone.
If you have very sensitive skin I would suggest a sample first as it has quite an 'energizing' scent.

All in all - I enjoy using this when my skin really needs moisturising and it will be fab for my skin in colder weather. Plus, you know, it's clarins so it's good stuff, pretty fancy packaging that feels luxurious  AND it's not tested on animals. 

Whoops, did I ramble again? ;)
xo Annabel


  1. Haha not rambly at all, a great review! I have the same problem in needing something to treat my skin, or prevent breakouts but I'd love to give this a go! x 

  2. I love the smell of Clarins, I;m using Clinique skincare at the moment.. seems to be working ok so far but might have to give this a go in winter x

  3. Not at all rambly, I love how it reads! I really like cream-gel textured moisturisers so think I would get on well with this xx

  4. Thank you! :) 
    I much prefer the feel of cream-gel moisturisers, anything heavier and I feel like I wan't to scrape it off my skin!

  5. I do too! :)
    I've never used clinique, my mum used too but she said it stripped her skin a lot so I've avoided it ever since!

  6. Thank you! :)
    It is a very good product, I would recommend ren for more 'treatment' skincare, I LOVE ren :D


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