24 Jun 2012

Weekend update.

This weekend has been eventful and at the same time pretty uneventful! I fully moved out of my uni halls yesterday, I've been gone for a few weeks already but still had a few bits hanging around my room and it needed a quick clean to make sure I didn't get charged! (Though I still think I will as there's a huge mark appeared on my wall!) Also, a certain one of my flatmates had gone on holiday and left his washing up by the sink, it was full on green and mouldy - yuck! 

Anyway, after that everything was packed up into the car, including my current luggage, my boyfriend, the dog and more and off we all went to cambridgeshire! It took over 4 hours and was an all round exhausting journey except for a quick stop to good old m&s for snacks! yum ;)
I took the above picture as we were leaving my home town, so many pretty hills and little towns in valleys. Everything in cambridgeshire is so flat compared to this, beautiful, but flat! I refer to where my mum now lives as just Cambridgeshire, or just 'near cambridge' because the tiny little village they live in is basically a pin prick on google maps, it doesn't even get a name until your nearly fully zoomed in! We're staying here now for a few weeks, so might have a few pretty pictures to share! We're hopefully going strawberry picking next week which I can't wait for :)

Hope you all had a little bit more of a relaxing weekend than me!
xo Annabel


  1. gorgeous photograph. I love all the shades of green!!!

  2. Such a pretty photo!  Strawberry picking sounds like fun!

  3. Thank you :) I know, I really hope the weather is nice the day we go!

  4. Thank you! can you believe I took it with my phone! :)


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