10 Jun 2012

A weekend lust list.

A really huge wish list for my teeny tiny purse! I have a serious problem when it comes to new skincare and ASOS too. Oh my. The total for this list is nearly £117! It's a crying shame I don't have that going spare or these would be MINE... well maybe ;)

1. ASOS Scarf - Technically this is a 'snood' but I don't like that word, it's creepy. I really like the pattern here, it'd really brighten up any outfit, especially now the weather has turned sour once more and it's freezing.

2. Topshop stud slouch cardi - I really don't know how topshop can get away with their prices, £42 for a cardigan! If I get my paws on a decent discount code I might buy this, otherwise I'll have to hope it ends up in the sale or on ebay! as I really do love it and I don't yet own any cream cardigans.

3. Warehouse mini satchel - What a cutie pie bag! I love the colour and it's sweet little shape, too bad it's so bloody expensive for it's tiny size!

4. REN blemish travel kit - I recently made my first REN purchase and the quality has definitely fuelled the desire for more! This little trial kit would be great saved for when my skin is acting up, like a little s.o.s kit for my skin! 

5. Nip+Fab dry hand fix - I read a review on this a few days ago and it has been stuck at the back of my mind ever since. My hands are like old woman lizard hands and I should probably do something about it... This hand cream is apparently brightening too, which I think is slightly strange. 

I'd love some hand cream recommendations if you have any!
xo Annabel


  1. Cute cardigan!

  2. I absolutely love the bag! Definitely one for the piggy bank though haha :)

    Lucy x

  3. I love that scarf! :)



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