26 Jun 2012

Stop Cracking Up!

Stop cracking up lip balm from anatomicals - £2.55 from ASOS (though I got mine from boots)

My current lip balm of choice after carmex just wouldn't cut it for my wickedly chapped lips! It was a bargain and you get an awful lot of product = double bargain! 

It contains almond oil, coconut oil and beeswax so is full of moisture replenishing ingredients for your lips. It instantly soothes and makes my my lips smoother, repeated use has really helped my lips when I need it, though I will admit I am awful at remembering to apply lip balm so they probably could be a lot better with regular use!
The balm is a clear thick gloss, it lasts a good long while on my lips, however doesn't fare well with eating and drinking. I don't find it too have a scent but it does taste faintly of something but I can't put my finger on it, it's not unpleasant though.

A quick little review of my current favourite balm for you, I think the next lip balm I'll be purchasing will be the NUXE reve de miel, faaancy!

xo Annabel
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  1. congratulations on getting 100 followers!! I really want to try some more lip balms!! :) I'm gonna grab Nuxe when I go to France this summer :D

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  2. I'm a lip balm fiend! I always have at least 2 on me and apply it all the time, otherwise my lips are a mess, even in summer! This looks nice, I like the glossiness of it, jazzes it up a bit! Congrats on making it to 100, onwards and upwards!  xxxx

  3. I may have to give this a go!! I swear by my rosy tinted Vaseline pot, but I am so useless at applying it that I still have terrible lips!! x


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