5 Jun 2012

Origins Out of Trouble mask.

I picked up the Origins Out of Trouble mask at the beginning of last month when I went to Manchester for the day, it was my first time actually going to an origins counter and getting a bit of advice... though to be honest I got hurried through the whole process so the sales ladies could go back to chatting, it was  horrible and I left feeling extremely disappointed.
Now, luckily it hasn't put me off Origins entirely, it's still one of my favourite brands, but I certainly wont be heading back to Manchester any time soon. (& I wont need to as they just opened a new counter in my local Debenhams!) 

Anyway... I've used the mask a good 5 or 6 times now and I really love it. It's designed to absorb shine, gently exfoliate and also soothe problematic areas all at the same time, fancy!
The mask is a very very thick white creamy paste, it smells very strongly too, personally I think it smells a lot like vicks vapor rub which is amazing as I used to adore that stuff as a kid. Once I've finished applying the mask all over in a thin layer it starts to make my skin tingle slightly and feel warm. At first I thought I was having an allergic reaction and was extremely worried as this is never mentioned on the tube. But I persevered and after 5 minutes those feelings are almost gone (I actually quite like the sensation now I'm used to it!).
The mask doesn't really 'set' like a clay mask and it doesn't tighten on the skin all that much... most likely because there's no clay in it! After ten minutes it's almost dry/set and I wash it off using a muslin cloth, I did leave it on for nearly half an hour once and my face didn't drop off so ... that's good?!
Straight after using the mask my skin feels super clean and soft, there isn't much more of a noticeable change immediately after other than that, but the next few days my skin seems a lot happier and not as oily. 

It's not a miracle mask by any means, but it is a lovely treat for combination/oily skin. I find that there's either nourishing/moisturising masks or clay oil absorbing masks out there to buy and not always a lot in-between unless you're familiar with an awful lot of brands. This mask is a lovely 'speciality' mask  if you will that fits more specific problems. Plus it doesn't contain any harmful skin ingredients, only the good stuff that really works, in this masks' case it's zink oxide, salicylic acid and camphor.

The mask cost me £19 from Boots which might seem pricey at first but the tube does contains 100ml of product and will last you a long time even with regular use (I've not even dented mine yet). And even if you don't use it regularly, it has a shelf life of 2 years once opened! :)

Have you tried this mask or any Origins products? I'm obsessed with them recently! 

xo Annabel


  1. Lovely post, you might like to check out my blog I'm holding a GIVEAWAY!! xoxo


  2. This is one of my favourite mask, I agree with you it's not an miracle mask, but really nice treat. x

  3. I know it's lovely! :) xo

  4. I love this mask, I've been using it so much lately xx


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